US Asks Turkey to 'Warn Iran over its Nuclear Program'

By Cihan News Agency, Washington
Published: Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The US administration wants Turkey to send a warning to Iran, suspected of manufacturing nuclear weapons.

Robert Joseph, the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, said Washington expects Turkey to send a message to Tehran warning that it will not accept Iran being in possession of nuclear weapons.

Joseph assessed the recent developments on Iran in a press conference held in Washington.

"Turkey, like other members of the international community, can openly communicate to Tehran that it will not tolerate Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, and that this is a very dangerous and stability breaking situation that goes far beyond the Basra Gulf. When taken into consideration Iran's ability and possibility to use nuclear weapons by means of ballistic missiles developing more and more, Turkey has to note this and continue cooperating with the other members of the international community," Joseph said.

The US official claimed Iran has the capability of developing an atomic bomb on its own. Meanwhile, the Chinese administration called on Iran to follow "a calm diplomacy" to solve the nuclear problem. Beijing announced the responsibility of solving the problem had not been fully referred to UN Security Council.