9/11 Widows Group Decries Pentagon Call for Closed Judiciary Hearings on Able Danger


Monday, September 19, 2005 - 03:29 PM

September 11th Advocates Statement
Regarding Senate Judiciary "Able Danger" Hearing
September 19, 2005

We were stunned to learn that the Pentagon is calling for the Senate hearing regarding "Able Danger" scheduled for Wednesday, September 21st, to be closed to the public.

Recall that Able Danger was the data mining operation run out of the Defense Intelligence Agency that allegedly identified four of the 9/11 hijackers one year prior to the attacks. There has been much controversy surrounding these findings and their significance cannot be overstated. This information, relating to Able Danger, changes the entire 9/11 "story" and would therefore impact many of the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations. After attempting to seek the truth for four years, it would be a travesty to keep the facts surrounding this operation from the public. The insistence on secrecy by governmental agencies only makes their motives suspect and ultimately serves to keep the American public at risk.

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September 11th Advocates

Kristen Breitweiser
Patty Casazza
Monica Gabrielle
Mindy Kleinberg
Lorie Van Auken

P.S. When I called the 9/11 Commissioner's Deputy for Communications, Al Felzenberg, for a response to the CitizensWatch debate challenge to the Commissioners, he volunteered without prompting, before I could ask him about the challenge that if asked to appear to testify, 'they would.' Yes, I agree, let's get the most compromised member of the Commission, Philip Zelikow, up 'on the stand', before the Senate Judiciary Cmte and see him 'not recall' if Lt. Col. Shaffer mentioned the Brooklyn Cell, Atta or the other three hijackers that were identified by Able Danger. And then let's hear Michael Hurley, a third unknown staffer, and the as yet to be publicly identified White House Counsel who was present at the October '03 Bagram meeting in Afghanistan to all repeat what they apparently told Felzenberg for the Public Disource Project press release on the subject which was essentially "they ALL didn't recall!" Not very definitive -- very carefully worded, no?

I think better yet, given statements like that from Commissioner Gorton insisting "It (Able Danger) just didn't happen" we better get the three Commission staffers and the White House lawyer to take lie detector tests. And of course do the same to the five military intelligence personnel who have some forward to insist that indeed Able Danger did happen and it did identify Atta and the other hijackers a year before the attacks. Where the Commission failed to resolve discrepencies in testimony (for example Richard Clarke's account in his book Against All Enemies of Myers and Rumsfeld being very much in the loop even as each of them insists they weren't in the loop, and this UNDER OATH), the Congress and especially now, Senators Arlen Spector and Patrick Leahy must not.

Furthermore we must insist Congress dig deep on this one. The stakes are huge given the broad sweeping agenda that emerged from the Commission's work and cover-up. We must ask ourselves why the Commission was and remains so committed to a timeline that didn't put Atta in the U.S. until half way into 2001? What are they hiding? What was Atta doing in Las Vegas? The Commission doesn't know and said so. What was he doing on the indicted Republican-tied lobbyist Jack Abramhof Casino cruises in Florida before 9/11 (this according to an AP story)? The Commission failed to mention this altogether. And what about the Newsweek story that said that Atta had attended Maxwell Officer's School? Was that really a different M. Atta as they claimed but never substantiated? Come on folks! We are looking at the beginning of the dissembling of the lies surrounding 9/11 and the emergence of a scandal of epic proportion, especially if someone actually saved even a small piece of hard documentation for the Able Danger data-mining project.

-Kyle F. Hence