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Thread: The Perfect Analogy

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    The Perfect Analogy

    Have you ever read a news article that talks about how a person or persons does something REALLY bad, and in the article, there's mention from someone on the other side of the isle, be it Democrat or Republican, who state how REALLY bad it was?

    For instance, I just posted a story that talked about how Congress was duped into backing an illegal war against Iraq. In the article, there's a reference to a statement John D. Rockefeller made.

    "[Roberts was trying to] "lay all of this out on the intelligence community and never get to any other branches of government; in particular the White House and associated high and visible government agencies," Rockefeller told Knight Ridder."

    He stated that in October 2003. I don't remember him saying it, but he did. If the media had pushed people about that statement, we may have heard more about it. However, they didn't, and as a result, it fell by the wasteside.

    I was sitting here watching the Bulletin Board, and it occurred to me. The Media works exactly like a Bulletin Board does, and the people in power USE that to their advantage.

    I can post a thread. It could be the most amazingly titled thread in history, but if no one posts in it, it eventually falls off the page. In order to keep the thread alive, people have to either "bump" it, or post in it. In order to keep a story alive, a reporter either has to report on it, or ask questions about it publicly.

    I think sometimes when we see someone rebut something someone else has done, they know that because of the stranglehold the Government has on the media, we will never know about it. So they make their statement, and look like the "good guy" for a day or two, but then the story goes away... and then... NEW things pop-up. Just like a Bulletin Board...

    I think the media works as the perfect political tool. They keep the corrupt safe from harm, and keep records of the "good things" they've done to use at a later date. An "illusion".

    It's Congressmen that CONTINUE fighting, John Conyers, Cynthia McKinney, etc... that you know to be on the "up and up". The people who fight for the story to be known. Those are the people on our side. The people who create threads and post in them.
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    WhiteGuySaysThis Guest
    That's what I do, I "bump" threads that I like or think are important.

    Jon Gold bump!

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    princesskittypoo Guest
    i don't undestand some threads and have no idea what question to ask in regarding to them. doesn't mean i don't care or don't want the situation looked at.... if i asked a question totally unregarding to the actual story i feel i'd look like an idiot. *when i just don't understand!*

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    miss_muffet Guest
    hmmmmmm. perfect analogy jon. and then PKP just drove home the point.

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