By Wayne Madsen
August 5, 2005

NBC News and other corporate media broadcast a Pentagon-inspired story on the Aug. 4 evening news broadcasts suggesting that the recent bombings of U.S. armored personnel carriers were accomplished with the use of deadly armored-piercing "shaped charges" from Iran and possibly, Syria.

NBC cited "military and intelligence sources" as sources. But the fact that the network's Pentagon correspondent, Jim Miklaszewski, reported Iran's "complicity" is an indication that the report came from the neocon disinformation and espionage factory in the Pentagon's Near East and South Asian Division and its Office of Northern Gulf Affairs -- the one-time office of indicted Israeli spy Larry Franklin. NBC reported the shaped charges were shipped to Iraq by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard or Hezbollah of Lebanon with the consent of the Iranian government. The reference to Hezbollah is an obvious attempt to link Syria to the weapons shipments.

One red flag in the NBC News report was the appearance of American Enterprise Institute resident scholar and Karl Rove foreign policy adviser Michael Ledeen. That, alone, calls into question the veracity of the entire NBC report. After the ploy to identify new Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a US embassy hostage taker in 1979 failed, the neocons continue to spread disinformation in a pathetic and conspiratorial attempt to justify U.S. military action against Iran. They are also obviously trying to steer media attention away from the still unfolding Israeli espionage scandal, involving advocates of military action against Iran, that may result in additional indictments and ultimately lead into the White House.

The neocons are also trying to suggest that Iran has made common cause with Sunni insurgents in Iraq. With Iran and Iraq's Shia dominated government recently signing a defense past, it is ludicrous to suggest that Iran would then turn around and support the Shia's enemy, the Sunnis. Not coincidentally, the unconfirmed US ambassador to the UN John Bolton, used his first appearance before the UN Security Council to warn Iran and Syria about terrorists and arms coming across their borders into Iraq.

Nothing was mentioned about Saudi Arabia from where the vast majority of terrorists in Iraq originate. The neocons and their friends in the news media are banking on the American people understanding less about the politics of Iraq and Iran than do they.