Hamid Gul Defends Lt. General Mahmood Ahmed Regarding $100,000 Wire Transfer


It's towards the end of the interview. Here's a comment I posted on blogger about it.

"Clearly he is protecting Pakistan. He said Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed is good friends with him, and he categorically denies the charges of the $100,000 wire transfer. Ok. Then why was the subject dropped off the face of the Earth with absolutely no investigation, or comment on it? Why was he sacked? Why wasn't he brought forward to testify about the allegation under oath? Why did Thomas Kean say, "I'm not aware of the $100,000 wire transfer to Mohammad Atta" when he was confronted by Alex Jones' team even though it was a question submitted by the families on March 13th, 2003? The fact that it wasn't investigated by the Commission made Lorie Van Auken "irate." Why are there allegations of another "terrorist attack" involving both Saeed Sheikh and Lt. General Mahmood Ahmed? Why is he mentioned in Sibel Edmonds' allegations for participating in the nuclear black market? Why does Levy write extensive allegations regarding Saeed Sheikh and Ahmed? Why would someone like Mariane Pearl, someone deeply connected to Saeed Sheikh write in her book that she "read a news report from October that claimed the FBI had found "credible links" between Omar Saeed Sheikh and then director of the ISI Lieutenant General Mahmood Ahmed. It was alleged that it was Ahmed who instructed Omar to wire the $100,000 to Mohammad Atta. I read too that disclosure of this finding led to Ahmed's dismissal as the head of the ISI by President Musharraf on October 7, 2001. So it appears Omar may have been associated with both the head of ISI and Al Qaeda" if she didn't think the allegations were credible? Why was Danny Pearl murdered? Sorry, but I'm more inclined to believe an obviously bias individual like Hamid Gul would want to protect his "good friend" Ahmed."