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Thread: Letter from Ron Paul on Medical Marijuana

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    Eckolaker Guest

    Letter from Ron Paul on Medical Marijuana

    Eckolaker - I really, really love this man.

    Dear Mr. Meyers:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact my office regarding marijuana. As a medical doctor, I have a particular interest in this issue. Please be assured, I will oppose any and all attempts to use federal power to prevent the people of any state from adopting laws legalizing the use of medical marijuana. I also oppose the use of federal funds to finance the "drug war," and particularly the outrageous attacks on those who use marijuana for medical reasons.

    I think it is important to emphasize that the federal government has no constitutional authority to intervene in or regulate the medical or drug industries. Moreover, the federal government is prohibited by the Constitution (via the ninth and tenth amendments) from meddling in doctor/patient relationships. With that understanding, I can certainly agree that medical marijuana researchers and drug companies alike should receive "equal and fair treatment" from the federal government. Additionally, I would agree that there should be no federal ban on medical studies. This is why I am an original cosponsor of the States' Rights to Medical Marijuana Act, which restores the ability to make decisions about medical marijuana to the states. I have also cosponsored and voted for the Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment to the Commerce, Justice, and State Appropriations Act that would defund federal prosecutions that violate the medical marijuana laws that states have enacted.

    In recent years, our federal government has abandoned individual liberty and states' rights in the name of a federal "war on drugs." However, constitutionally, there are only three federal crimes. These are treason against the United States, piracy on the high seas, and counterfeiting. The federal government's role in law enforcement must be limited to these constitutionally federal crimes and should certainly not extend to the doctor's office.

    I will continue my attempts to educate my colleagues that ours is a federal government of limited powers, restricted by the United States Constitution and the too-often-forgotten Bill of Rights. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns on this most important issue with me.


    Ron Paul

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    werther Guest
    I simply never imagined that Ron Paul would run for president. I am switching party affiliations so that I might vote for him come the primaries.

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