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Thread: Bush Signs The Reichstag Fire Decree

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    Bush Signs The Reichstag Fire Decree

    Bush Signs the Reichstag Fire Decree

    Larisa Alexandrovna

    With a flip of the wrist, Bush signed into law the anti-Habeas Corpus, pro-torture law (cleverly repackaged as the Military Commissions Act of 2006), signaling with it the end of American democracy.

    For the Bush family it was simply another day - like any other day - for the entitled nobility, who take from others that which does not belong to them.

    The Bush dynasty was always filthy rotten, with not a single member of the imperial family ever doing an actual honest day's work in their pathetic and miserable blue-blooded lives.

    On October 17, 2006, however, the latest Bush scoundrel outdid his kin at sucking the marrow of this nation and signed into law that which our founding fathers would have called treason, essentially taking the people's rights of liberty, justice, and property solely for himself. What Mr. Bush signed was, in essence, the final assault of a carefully orchestrated, six year long war on the Constitution of the United States.

    Much like his predecessor, Paul Von Hindenburg - who rose to power on the family fortune, with fabricated credentials such fortune can purchase, and went on to end German democracy by signing the Reichstag Fire Decree and ushering in the silent dictatorship - Bush signed into law that which grants him the power to be judge, jury, and executioner.

    With such power granted, there is no room for turning back, as all roads of justice and freedom have been measured out and blockades have been erected in the event that a sleeping public might wake to find themselves pillaged and raped.

    And how is such a vulgarity of power-lust greeted by those in attendance at the signing? With applause and with rounds of hand shakes signaling a mission accomplished, the wrong mission of course, but that need not matter any longer.

    To add insult to injury, when Bush was finished with his butchery, this half-witted crook had the audacity, the sheer nerve, to claim that he was slitting the throat of America in the memory of those who died on September 11, 2001:

    "And now, in memory of the victims of September the 11th, it is my honor to sign the Military Commissions Act of 2006 into law." (Applause).

    Yes, those in attendance not only applauded the man who cannot be bothered to govern or to attend to any business beneficial to the health and vitality of this nation, they actually cheered the destruction of this country and allowed Bush to claim the memory of those who died because of his very own indifference.

    The irony is as ugly as it is irrelevant to the majority of the American public, sedated, strung out, and watching reality on the television because they are too lazy or cowardly to actually live life or fight for something real.

    When the President evoked the memory of my neighbors and friends who died due to his decisive vacationing and stay-the-course golfing, in order to remind those he will no longer protect of those he already failed to protect, his words rang as a threat to me. I heard him and my stomach dropped straight into the earth, leaving no room for hope. I heard a threat and it rang on my walls and ears like an alarm, a man riding on a horse in the middle of the night, screaming "The Constitution is dying, the Constitution is dying."

    But first, a matter of treason:
    I am certain that my right-wing fellow Americans will no doubt soil themselves silly and cite Biblical curses at me for daring to label their beloved leader a traitor to the United States of America. But he is not only a traitor, he is an aristocratic wannabe despot who is so mentally deranged, that he believes that God tells him to go out and spread Americana into the world, and in the process murder hundreds of thousands of people abroad and destroy thousands of lives at home. Does that sound like something a sane person would do, or even attempt to justify, in public by evoking Jesus, the complete antithesis to these activities?

    But treason, often overused by the fanatical right - not unlike their counterpart, the fanatical suicide bombers (apparently the only difference being that the latter group blasts their way into heaven while the former group is merely lifted by a magic carpet ride) - is a term that exists for a reason. It exists to identify those who would destroy this country for whatever reason and do so using illicit means and in concert with declared enemies of the United States.

    Since the President so often evokes the memory of those his actions helped place in their graves to begin with in order to wage war against the Constitution, then his own failures and subsequent corruption must be addressed in order to reclaim the voices of our lost Americans who can no longer speak for themselves.

    If he insists on reminding us of an enemy, unidentified, lurking just at the edge of our collective eye, hazy and out of sight, but there, waiting to take America as bounty and murder all of us in our beds, then let us first examine what such an enemy might accomplish before, during, and after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

    Before September 11th, Bush was warned over and over that an attack on the United States was coming, even in what manner and by whom. Yet, never one to be productive, the coked-out drunkard of a mock President spent most of his time on vacation.

    Would the attackers have succeeded in their evil deed if the President and his cabal actually cared to protect us, even a little? Would it not be accurate to say that, just as with Katrina, it was in fact not only the original event, but the reaction of those in leadership that caused such a massive loss of life on US soil?

    The terrorists attacked because no one stopped them from attacking, making the President and his cronies, in part, directly responsible for thousands of deaths. Just as with Katrina, in which one event did some of the damage, it was the second and by far more important action that did the most damage. In both instances, the President and his crummy ideologues aggravated and exacerbated that which was first preventable and after, even manageable.

    After the first plane hit, Bush thought it wise to do a photo-op instead of checking with his officials to see if something was, perhaps, wrong.

    If this President and his mob had actually for a moment put country before politics, and acted immediately to secure the air, would the second plane have ever made it to its target?

    After the second plane hit and after he was told by his chief of staff that "the nation is under attack," this sorry excuse of a leader did not bother to even ask "Nuclear?"

    Imagine for a moment what would have happened if it had been a WMD attack that Bush, so stay-the-course, ignored? Had this been a nuclear attack, his nearly 10 minutes of face time and cowardice would have resulted in an American wasteland and made him the king of a new Chernobyl.

    But even after the second plane hit, the President did nothing to secure the air or his citizens and through this decisive inaction, causing unprecedented damage to this nation.

    He failed over and over to do his job, before the attack, during the attack, and even after the attack, when he did not reprimand, fire, or even slap gently on the wrist a single person in any government agency who failed to do their own job to prevent such a tragedy.

    This man chose to give his friends and donors jobs, and then refused to fire the incompetent and corrupt, choosing once again politics over national security and his duty to us, the citizens he was tasked with protecting. But the assault did not end there, by any measure, because no sooner had the victims landed into death than Mr. Bush forced the Environmental Protection Agency to give an "all-clear" on the air quality at ground zero

    Bush's all-clear order alone was an act of war on the American public, the American people. Knowing full well that the air was not safe, the President ordered those with the authority to ascertain safety to lie to the public and march more Americans into a city sized coffin.

    And yet, without an ounce of humility or regret, this President and his fascist party dared to dance on the graves of those who died by evoking their memories in order to perpetuate their own lies and to destroy more and more lives.
    Fathom this for a moment if you can, the sheer perversion of it, and see if this is what our founding fathers might call treason. The Pinto mentality of cost analysis, that is to say, political gain vs. the loss of life is what the fascist state excels at, not a democracy.

    But instead of removing from office the monstrosity of this entire gang of thugs and lunatics, our Congress gave this President more power to inflict more harm by passing an outright violation of the Constitution in the form of the perversely named PATRIOT Act.

    Yes, by all means, reward a strangler by giving him a gun by which to expedite his murders.

    End Part I
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    The Unlimited Power to Protect Us, from what or whom?
    Who exactly are we being protected from? If it is supposedly the alleged mastermind of September 11, Osama bin Laden, then why was he allowed to vanish from the face of the earth when we had him cornered in Tora Bora and his henchmen from Konduz?

    Just in case you missed reality the first time around:

    Click Here

    And why is he now appearing in Republican campaign ads all over the country, as the star of fear and somehow a warning against voting for Democrats?

    Is there a logical explanation for such failure? Is is it quite simply the obvious, that once again politics take priority over national security and that a dead Osama does little to energize the GOP base? Is it possible that the President allowed Osama to escape so that he can continue conjuring up his image as needed? Yes, it is possible, and given the moral depravity of this administration, it is likely.

    Yes, by all means, give a murderer with a gun an imaginary missile to use and then stand idly by while he launches it at the innocent public in order to frighten them away from their own Constitution.

    We did not secure Afghanistan, contrary to popular propaganda, not by a long shot. Instead, we pulled a drive-by shooting type war, where we hit a few targets and left the enemy, the Taliban, largely in control and made worse a drug plague dragging that nation into the underworld. Instead of attacking those who harbored our enemy, those who would not surrender our enemy after the attacks of September 11, we attacked a sovereign nation who did nothing to us and murdered nearly one million people. What can something like this be called? Shock and Awe?

    Yes, I am shocked at the rogue insanity of the Bush regime and I am in awe of our Congress' lack of oversight at the so obviously criminal.

    By all means, hand a man with a God complex the keys to this nation's survival because political consultants don't think impeachment will be popular during the mid-term elections. Does anyone in Washington every actually work once elected or are they all indefinitely running for reelection?

    The politics of shame
    And yet this man has the indecency to invoke those whom he failed to protect, avenge or in any way provide justice for, in order to make into law that which will deny those of us who have managed to survive this administration the very basics of Constitutional protection. How is this not obscene? How is this not treason, all of it?

    Those who are about to die salute you (do they have a choice?)
    On October 17 2006, surely a day that will live in infamy, when you, Mr. Bush, said that:

    "The bill I'm about to sign also provides a way to deliver justice to the terrorists we have captured. In the months after 9/11, I authorized a system of military commissions to try foreign terrorists accused of war crimes. These commissions were similar to those used for trying enemy combatants in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War and World War II. Yet the legality of the system I established was challenged in the court, and the Supreme Court ruled that the military commissions needed to be explicitly authorized by the United States Congress"

    - did you stop to consider what it is that you actually dribbled out of your twitching mouth?

    This statement is so grotesque, so vile, that it is almost impossible to address without resorting to violence. It is almost incomprehensible when one considers not only what the maggot of a half-wit said, but the comparisons he made with another grotesque time in history. Consider it, if you can, and see if your mind can withstand the absolute slap against morality and reason.

    The President of the United States conjured up a legal framework, without any authority to do so, to try those whom he found guilty of "war crimes," he says, despite the fact that at least 70,000 people, were simply kidnapped, tortured, raped, and in some cases murdered without ever having been put on trial and for crimes they had never committed. The only things these people had in common were their Middle-Eastern sounding names, the color of their skin, and their religious background.

    The trials of Nazi war criminals, however, delivered judgment against those who did what? Kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered innocent people based on the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their given names, and their religious practices.

    Then consider how absolutely misguided and morally vacuous this man is when he dares to insinuate that his own "judgments" and "methods" are similar to those used to try WWII war criminals, that is, those whose actions resulted in crimes against humanity.

    Have you, sir, lost your fucking idiotic mind?
    In sum, yes, you have and took the nation's soul with it!

    In ordering Operation Copper Green, through which you, Mr. Bush, ordered the capture, torture, rape, and murder of countless people at your secret concentration camps, you committed the very crimes for which you would be the enemy combatant standing trial, the war criminal standing trial at The Hague. It is not you who would be the judge, Mr. President, or the prosecution, or the jury, in trying enemy combatants and delivering some form of justice to those who have thus far been so unjustly treated.

    Mr. Bush, if this was World War II, your father would be fighting the enemy, and he would be fighting an enemy not unlike his own son.

    And, as though drugged on perma-kool-aid, Mr. President, you actually said:

    "One of the terrorists believed to have planned the 9/11 attacks said he hoped the attacks would be the beginning of the end of America. He didn't get his wish."

    No, you are right Mr. Bush, that person, whoever he was, could not have achieved what you have managed to achieve through dereliction of duty, complete criminality, and absolute abuse of power: the destruction of the Constitution and the greatest loss of life on US soil since the Civil War.

    You, Mr. Bush, could not be bothered with the duties of governance, and in doing so, you let the attacks of 911 cause the damage that they did, attacks that could have been avoided, and damage and loss of life that was preventable.

    You failed to do your job, Mr. Bush, not the terrorists.

    Yet instead of feeling some sense of responsibility or humility in the light of such a catastrophe, you, Mr. Bush, moved on and evolved from the Decider who would not do his job to protect this nation to a murderer who gave an illegal order to have the air at ground zero declared safe.

    The terrorists did not declare the air at Ground Zero safe; you did that Mr. Bush, knowing full well it was not.

    And with the appetite that only such depravity could feed, you attacked another nation, killing nearly a million innocents, all the while illegally capturing, torturing, raping, and murdering those whom you found to be a threat.

    This, Mr. President, is almost exactly what those who stood on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity did, and yet you have the nerve to compare those trials to your own criminal activity? You dare to evoke those whom you helped put in their graves as a reason to still murder others?

    No suicide bomber could have done what you, Mr. Bush, have so devilishly achieved and now stand proud of, to a clapping gaggle of people who cannot or will not take the time to comprehend that which they are so willing to celebrate.

    But perhaps we can be thankful for small favors, in that the Decider did not extend his memorial signing of the pro-death, pro-torture, anti-humanity bill to the victims of Katrina and the loss of New Orleans. Perhaps there is still left one group of the murdered whom we can mourn without having their memories degraded and robbed.

    In this brave new America, where we all once dreamed together, we have little left to protect and hold dear, and that little is usually the pieces and parts of those destroyed by the Bush administration, not some random "enemy combatants" who could never have caused the devastation in New Orleans the way a crony-appointing bigot had.

    Even after there were only the dead left, this President robbed them of all dignity by watching as they rotted in the streets for weeks and weeks, while he attended fundraisers and ate cake.

    Even terrorists would treat their own dead with more honor than how the American dead in New Orleans were treated by their President and his party. No terrorist group, not 19 men, not even endless attacks could have caused, what you have done, Mr. Bush, in damaging and dishonoring America.

    These crimes, and others not listed, together present nothing short of direct war on the United States of America and the Constitution, and that is treason. There is no other way to describe these actions and reactions to events.

    To simply claim dereliction of duty may have been applicable to the attacks of September 11. But not to direct orders, such as the EPA order and the order to march to war with Iraq. One cannot call it dereliction of duty when the President knew that Katrina was coming, knew how bad it would be, knew that he had appointed unqualified cronies to protect those in the path of the storm, and still, knowing all this, went on vacation.

    One cannot call it incompetence when, for nearly a week, the entire world watched in horror as Americans died in America and the President could not be bothered, the Vice President was house hunting, and the National Security Advisor was buying shoes.

    One cannot call it American democracy when our dead are not buried and are left to rot in the streets. One cannot call it Constitutional when the President puts himself and his henchmen above the law or creates laws that absolve him of his Constitutional constraints or criminal activities. One cannot call it simply a high crime when the President takes away that which is not his to take, our freedom, our justice, our Constitutional protections. We surpassed high crimes at Ground Zero and since then, there is only one word that can be used to describe what has transpired and that word is treason.

    The signing of the pro-torture, pro-murder, anti-humanity, unconstitutional law called the Military Commissions Act is but the final direct, frontal assault on America by a tyrant and his misanthropic gang of criminals, and it is yet another act of treason, applauded and lauded. And just like with the Reichstag Fire Decree, it may well be the final wound that causes the fall of the American experiment.

    The Constitution is dying, The Constitution is dying, The Constitution is dying...(Applause.)

    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Best article I have ever read on the subject of his criminality.

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