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Thread: What's The Truth - Final Edition - Video Inside

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    What's The Truth - Final Edition - Video Inside

    What's The Truth - Final Edition
    Thanks to DBLS and

    Click Here 270MB

    Windows Media Player
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    From DBLS
    First off I want to say a massive huge mega thanks to everyone who’s helped spread “What’s The Truth?: How Indeed Did the Twin Towers Collapse?”, that alone was worth putting the thing together. I’m just so pleased people even felt it made the grade enough to be recommended out to others. A couple of guys have asked for a high-res version of the film so it can be burnt to DVD and played full screen. So there’s now a high quality 900mb version available, I haven’t been able to test it on a big TV screen yet (because I don’t have a DVD burner), but I have tested it full screen on a 12 x 9 inch PC flat screen monitor, and it looks fine. But if anyone who does have access to a DVD burner wants to have a go and test it out on a big TV screen. And post back the results of how it went in the comments section below for this thread that would be greatly appreciated.

    Also the final corrected version of “What’s The Truth?” is up on 911Podcasts, basically every single little crease has been ironed out, so although it’s only little details, the overall quality is better. So I just want to ask people if they’ve got the film up on google video, torrents or are hosting it etc. That if they get the time, could they try and swap round the old version with the final one? If that’s possible it would be great, because the new version up on 911Podcasts is really what I intended the film to be like, with no little mistakes in it.
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    Watching this... two things jump to mind (very well done by the way)

    1: Where are the eyewitness accounts of explosions from bldg 7 right before its collapse. They did a good job documenting that 1&2 had multiple explosions right before collpase, but nothing about #7.
    2: There were alot of volunteers welding steel tabs onto the debris of all the buildings for the cranes to pick up, yet I heard nothing from them about evaporated steel on bldgs 1&2. I was just wondering if anyone had ever heard anything about those things. One of these days, when I have more time, I'll post from the perspective of arriving within 30 mins of the collapses, and what a surrealistic nightmare that was. But more importantly, the containment efforts of the FBI.

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