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Thread: OSAMA BIN LADEN: Dead, Alive, or In Custody?

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    N320AW Guest

    OSAMA BIN LADEN: Dead, Alive, or In Custody?

    Considering everything the U.S. has covered up so far . . . Would it be conceivable that Osama has been in U.S. custody for a long time, unbeknownst of course, to everyone, in an effort to continue our pre-occupation with Iraq?

    Personally, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if [he] was locked up somewhere in Pakistan or elsewhere. Somehow I cannot see him still eluding capture by sitting in a cave!

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    simuvac Guest
    Here's a thread on Osama Bin Laden:

    Impossible to say what's really going on there. He's been reported dead many times. He's reportedly met with US intelligence just prior to 9/11. And for some he is this criminal mastermind who is behind all terrorism everywhere.

    I have no idea where he is, or if he's alive. I suspect he's not in US custody. If anything, they would want to keep their distance.

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