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Thread: Mainstream Media 9/11 Truth (in Denmark)

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    Mainstream Media 9/11 Truth (in Denmark)


    Apparently, the most read morning paper in Denmark has an entire 9/11 section and blog (in Dansk, but be sure to note their links)


    DRG in Copenhagen (English)

    Niels Harrett and Jakob Hede Madsen were on "Go' Morgen Danmark" (like Good Morning America) on the largest TV station in Denmark, TV2.
    [in Dansk]

    Niels Harrett's website (in English):

    Niels Harrett is apparently touring Denmark with a WTC7 speech.

    The bad news- Denmark's population is rather small (smaller than the current 9.87 million hit counter at From:

    "The population of Denmark in 2003 was estimated by the United Nations at 5,364,000, which placed it as number 107 in population among the 193 nations of the world."

    EDIT: There is a VERY WELL organized 9/11 page in English over at:
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