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Thread: Rodriguez withdraws from RICO suit.

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    casseia Guest

    Rodriguez withdraws from RICO suit.

    This is certainly his perogative -- however, without a new plaintiff by Monday, the suit will not go forward.

    Caveat: this letter was forwarded to me and I have not seen it independently corraborated.

    The Letter:

    Phil Berg here.

    www.911forthetruth. com

    Urgent - By now, most of you are aware that William "Willie" Rodriguez
    recently has asked for his name and therefore, our RICO law suit
    against Bush, Cheney and 54 other defendants to be withdrawn.

    There is a 5 year statute of limitations on RICO [9/11/06], although I
    believe we can argue that since there is no statute of limitations on
    murder, there should be no limitation on our RICO case re 911.

    I need a plaintiff to file a new law suit on Monday, 9/11/06.

    I am speaking with several people.

    Do you know someone - the ideal person for RICO is a person or family
    member that lost a loved one, that was also lost their business.
    Second, I am looking for one that was injured and lost their job.

    If you know of someone, please call me immediately:

    free office # (800) 993-PHIL [7445]

    Thank you.


    Philip J. Berg, Esquire
    706 Ridge Pike
    Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-1711

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    Tonya Guest
    dude, coiuld this have something to do with the movie?
    why would he do this?
    is it maybe just because he doesn't want Berg to represent him? I know some people have had reasons to not want Berg to represent them. Maybe he is pursuing with someone else? I don't know but this sucks if he is just totally dropping it.
    dang. i wish i knew what was going on in his head.

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    Tonya Guest
    hey, just got word: ummm, how can i say this, from what some people understand, Rodriguez is still wanting to pursue the suit. However, it looks as though Phil Berg wanted to go in one direction and Rodriguez another. From what I understand Rodriguez may be looking for representation.
    I am just glad to hear that this is not over.

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    casseia Guest
    Yes, I would be relieved if that is the case. However, looking for new representation this close to the statute of limitations deadline seems a little foolhardy.

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    casseia Guest
    But maybe this has been in the works for a while and Berg is the one freaking out.

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    Tonya Guest
    i thought there was no limitations on murder? hmm. i don't know. i just how this doesn't all fall apart! crossing my fingers!

    p.s. ilove your pug picture--i can't figure out if he/she looks surprised, shocked, disgusted or what. it is very funny. i cracks me up everytime i see it!

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    casseia Guest
    None on murder, but evidently there were other torts (right legal word?) involved as well.

    Re: pug pic -- Thanks, it cracks me up too. I had pugs for quite a few years and it's almost a characteristic expression. It could be fear but could also be the excitement of rough play. Pugs are fantastic dogs, though an acquired taste, and unfortunately really hard to housebreak.

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