Iran's 'Supreme Leader' lashes out at Bush

Published: Tuesday August 22, 2006

An Iranian news agency is reporting that the nation's "Supreme Leader" has lashed out at US President George W. Bush, threatening to "smash the arrogant powers," if "huge powers" become involved in the current nuclear standoff.

Fars News Agency, closely affiliated with the Iranian Judiciary, has quoted Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has called on Muslim leaders to join together to "paralyze" the United States. An excerpt from the English translation report follows:

"This Person (Bush) speaks as if he were the master and owner of Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Iran and other Muslim states, but if the huge power of nations comes to the scene -- as it happened in Lebanon, it will smash the arrogant powers so badly that the enemies of Islam will no longer be able to continue with their rude and arrogant behavior," Ayatollah Khamenei said, while addressing a public meeting here on Tuesday also attended by the heads of the three branches of the government, the Expediency Council Chairman, the state and military officials, and Ambassadors of Muslim states on the feast of Mab'ath (i.e. anniversary of Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) divine assignment to prophethood).

He said that the world hegemonic powers had pinned much hope in the former dictator of Iran, i.e. the Pahlavi dynasty, and reminded, "But Imam Khomeini provided a huge service for this nation and brought Iranians to the scene."

"If the same pattern of vigilance takes place in all the Islamic states and Muslim nations come to the scene, the United States and other arrogant powers of the world will be paralyzed in the face of the huge power of the nations," he continued.

Noting continued loyalty of the Iranian nation and officials to the Islamic values, the Leader reminded that Iranians view the said values as a cause of national pride, might and progress, adding, "The Iranian nation stands against the enemies who seek to rock the boat and stop our country through propaganda, political hues and cries and economic pressures, and our nation, God willing, will conquer the highest tops of progress at a speed much higher than what is normal."

He further pointed to the growing hatred of the Muslim nations for the US and Zionists and, reminding the profound enthusiasm of the Muslim youth, intellectuals and independent politicians for reviving Islamic identity and dignity, he said, "There were some groups accusing Iran of planning to export its Islamic Revolution by use of force, but today everyone is witnessing that the spirit of Islamic vigilance has been revived all over the world of Islam and is increasingly strengthened."

"And this growing spirit of Islamic vigilance has been the big gift of the Iranian nation's revolution to the world of Islam," Ayatollah Khamenei reminded, adding that the said gift has now turned into a widespread phenomenon worldwide.