Secret US military docs link Karzai's brother to drug lords


David Edwards
Published: Saturday June 24, 2006 --

On Friday evening, ABC News reported on secret US military documents obtained from a disc bought from an Afghanistan bazaar which show that the military "knows - or knew" the locations in Pakistan of 15 high level wanted members of al Qaeda and the Taliban, and which purportedly link nine Afghani officials, including Karzai's brother to drug lords, RAW STORY has found.

"The documents show the U.S. knows - or knew - the locations of some of the most wanted terrorists," reported Brian Ross. "They are in Pakistan. And the documents name prominent figures, including President Karzai's brother, thought by the military to be in the pay of drug lords." Wali Karzai denied the allegations on camera.

"I never was in drug business," Karzai said. "I never benefitted. I never facilitated. I never helped anyone with the transportation or any kind."

"The U.S. military today dismissed a media report citing intelligence suspicions that senior al-Qaida leaders were hiding in Pakistan and that the Afghan president's brother had ties to drug trafficking as being outdated," reports the Associated Press.

"But U.S. spokesman Col. Tom Collins declined to reject the authenticity of the report, saying he was unable to discuss classified military information," wrote Amir Shah for A.P. "Afghan officials, however, rejected the claims against the president's brother as baseless."

RAW STORY partial transcript highlights of the video segment:

The US military says the documents, marked secret, appear to be genuine, part of a US targetting assessment produced in January of last year. Officials say the situation on the ground has changed little since then.

Incredibly the secret documents were bought at an Afghanistan street bazaar. They were stored on a computer flash disc sold for $200 at this stall, a few hundred feet from the front gate of the US airbase in Bagram.

One map shows infiltration routes and locations of four al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan marked AQ, and the location in Pakistan for al Qaeda's number two, Iman al Zawahari. In total, the documents list 16 senior level al Qaeda and Taliban leaders, including Mullah Omar, as hiding in Pakistan, where US troops cannot operate.

US officials say a growing opium drug trade in Afghanistan is also helping to support al Qaeda and the Taliban, and the documents list nine current or former Afghan government figures as 'problem makers,' among them, Wali Karzai, the brother of the Afghani president.

More information at the ABC News blog The Blotter. These revelations more circumstantial or anecdotal evidence of "war on terror" as fraud and also perhaps strongly suggestive of the intimate relationship our own CIA has to the Pakistani ISI both of which worked together with the Saudis to provide billions in covert black ops dollars to create and support what eventaully morphed into Al-Qeada and which the CIA and military special forces partnered with, fought alongside and trained for the war in Kosovo and the Balkans conflicts.

This story is also strongly suggestive that Western interests, protected by do-nothing U.S. military persence have ties to the massive drug trade eminating from Afghanistan. Much of global drug traffic profits we know are laundered through the world's largest banks and Wall St. See Narco Dollars for Dummies at: