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Thread: I Think Flight 77 Hit The Pentagon

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    I Think Flight 77 Hit The Pentagon

    And I feel fine. The purpose of this thread was to remind EVERYONE who happens across this site that I have NEVER, EVER, NEVER promoted anything other than Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon, and I am recruiting plenty of people into the movement, ALL THE TIME. Imagine that.

    In other words...

    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Ignatius Riley Guest
    hmmm ...

    We've all seen the tiny white missile- or military jet-looking thing in the video. Now Gold, do you really expect me to believe that that tiny white thing is supposed to be a boeing jumbo jet?

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    Tonya Guest
    Ummm... pardon me, but I don't think he expects you to believe anything. I think he is just trying to make clear what his personal thoughts are and to state that that argument is not needed---as stated in his last sentence. That is all. He'll correct me if I have it wrong I trust.

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    princesskittypoo Guest
    i think gold could argue for both sides because he's listened to both sides of the story.

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    AndrewLoweWatson Guest
    It's no big deal. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't. I think it didn't. Let's move on to what we all agree on.

    ( bet you forgot that one - but he really did say it)
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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewLoweWatson
    CHENEY SAYING OSAMA BIN LADEN HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11 ( bet you forgot that one - but he really did say it)
    Really? Can you explain that one to me?

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    911TRUTH Guest
    wait a minute...

    Download that video and pause the at the very first sign of the "plane"

    That is most definitely the front of some kind of jet or cruise missile. Unless the video is completely messed up, you can clearly see the tip...

    Can anyone freezeframe it?

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    911TRUTH Guest
    Ok maybe it could be the tip of the wing, if its a plane...what angle did the plane come in respective to the camera angle? Is there a diagram out there of the plane tragectory overlayed with the camera's field of view? its important know know what part entered the frame first so it can be analyzed correctly.

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    Ignatius Riley Guest
    I monkeyed with photoshop on those photos for a couple of hours yesterday. And I still do not know what it was that was depicted in the first movie. The second movie does appear to feature a plane. A compact white one.

    I also studied the white flash or fireball that erupted upon impact. Cordite = white flash; Petroleum explodes into an orange and red fireball.

    I will remind everyone of Rumsfeld's freudian slip in a speech on the attacks where he refers to the "missile" that struck the Pentagon. Keep that in mind and remember that a Boeing 757 is more than 150 feet long. So it would have been almost twice as long as the Pentagon is high. It would have been silver and it would have looked like the plane in the link I posted above, like an elongated silver tube with dozens of visible windows and clear tail markings on its 40+ foot tall tail. The trees outside the Pentagon and the small cube building just inside of the impact zone might have been 40 feet tall (three stories), maybe. So clearly something is amiss if the feds expect us to believe that American Airlines flight 77 is what is depicted in those movies.

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    AndrewLoweWatson Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PhilosophyGenius
    Really? Can you explain that one to me?


    Here it is, from the horse's mouth.

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