Rep. Curt Weldon Provides Link to Film Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime in Recent Press Release Denies Endorsement

It has been confirmed from the editors of Orb Standard that Congressman Curt Weldon sent out an electronic press release through his press office, containing a direct link to the independent film?Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime.

"The original was simply a link with the google address - nothing else. Later he sent out this email stating he was not endorsing it."

- Adam Roufberg - Editor of Orb Standard

Although details are sketchy at this time, a follow-up disclaimer was provided by Weldon's press office that his earlier press release did not constitute an endorsement of the film:

Earlier today, I sent out an email with the link below attached. Some of you have since inquired as to whether or not this was an endorsement of the video. It was not.

The film's producer, John Albanese, expressed mixed feelings over the mixed messages:

It appears to me that Representative Weldon wants people to watch this film. The very fact that he released a Press Release with a direct link to this film, sans any caveats of any kind, or any other content at all for that matter, implicitly suggests that he wished for this film to be viewed.

And the fact that his follow-up disclaimer yet AGAIN included a direct link to my film is a curious choice which suggests to me that Representative Curt Weldon is pointing the general public in the direction of this film.

- John Albanese