Perhaps the most compelling material presented as evidence for the official account of 9-11 is that of the phonecalls reported to have been made from the doomed airplanes. I believe these need to be carefully cataloged and evaluated. My hypothesis is this: The only phone call that made from one of these aircraft is, perhaps that from Edward Felt to Glenn Cramer.

Which calls were tape recorded? Which calls were made to people who knew the person on the other end?

Unfortunately it will probably be impossible to obtain solid verification in terms of service provider records that these calls ever happened. Here are a couple scenarios to explain the calls.

1) The people on the receiving end could be lying. On some of the calls, or on all of the calls.

2) The calls could have been made by people who were supposed to be on the airplanes, but were taken off the plane by force or deception prior to the flight and forced at gunpoint to make the calls. That may sound farfetched, but we are dealing with people who believe it proper to murder thousands of innocent people and to terrify the world.

This is an interesting discussion of the technical aspects of making phone calls from airliners: