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Thread: U.S. Religious Leaders Ask God To Lower Gas Prices

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    U.S. Religious Leaders Ask God To Lower Gas Prices

    U.S. religious leaders seek God's help -- to reduce the spiralling cost of gas


    Religious leaders were to meet in Washington today to pray publicly for gasoline prices to ease, organizers with the group Pray Live said.

    "It is our hope that seeing and hearing some of the nation's most powerful preachers gathered around a gas station and the United States capital as a backdrop, will remind everyone who is really in charge of our world -- God," said Wenda Royster, founder of Pray Live, a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week live prayer line, e-worship centre, and Internet radio station.

    Several leaders of Protestant organizations from Washington plan to participate in the event.

    The rise in prices at gasoline stations has raised concerns in the United States, leading President George W. Bush to demand a federal inquiry to ensure Americans are not being swindled at the pump.
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