Is It Too Soon For A 9/11 Movie?

And believe me... there are A LOT more.

Ask yourselves. Is it too soon for a 9/11 movie? It hasn't even been 5 years, and we've had several television movies on the topic. Now, we have this flight 93 movie, and Oliver Stone's movie is due out soon. These movies aren't going to tell you the true story behind 9/11. They are going to show you the events based on the "Official Story". In other words, they are propaganda.

I think the answer to the question is OF COURSE. We're still hurting from that day. The companies who made the movies are going to profit off of the deaths of 3000. They were probably pressured by the Pentagon to make these movies. They are not telling you the truth about what happened to those 3000, and why, so they are nothing more than lies.

They were made SO SOON because they will be helpful to the war effort. Do you remember the movies that were made during WWII? All of the war propaganda that was made to make the people of that day, remember why they were supporting that war.

That's what the purpose of these movies are. To make those people who haven't researched 9/11, feel the anger, and sorrow, and make them want to continue this "War On Terror".

Do you agree?