Venezuela's VP Recalls US Role in April 2002 Coup

(Gold9472: Wouldn't that be during Bush's time as President?)


CARACAS. Venezuelan Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel accused the US government on Tuesday of organizing and directing the coup that in 2002 kidnapped President Hugo Chavez for three days until his triumphant return to Caracas.

Rangel said the coup was conducted by the United States out of its embassy in Caracas, and supported by "traitors in the military and business groups."

The vice president spoke to reporters at the inauguration of a monument titled: Entre el Grito y el Silencio (Between the Shout and the Silence) at the Llaguno Bridge, where four years ago several Venezuelans were murdered by sharpshooters paid by the coup organizers.

"We are here to show our grief for the death of our compatriots, both from the opposition and Chavez supporters, and to reiterate the feeling of love and dignity of our people," Rangel said.

"Today the civilian-military alliance is stronger and we no longer have traitors in the armed forces. We also have a more conscious population capable of accurate analysis and a leader of the stature of Hugo Chavez," Rangel underscored.

The Venezuelan official advised the population to be on alert to the opposition's maneuvering. An opposition he said refuses to be respectful and democratic.

"The events of April 11 gave us many lessons of a political, social, ethical and moral nature, and call upon us to show our immense love for Venezuela, which should be for all Venezuelans in the quest for social and economic transformations," Rangel concluded.