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Thread: Univ. Of Buffalo Newspaper Writes A Review Of "Loose Change"

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    Univ. Of Buffalo Newspaper Writes A Review Of "Loose Change"

    ‘Loose Change’ tries to make sense of 9/11

    JAYSON JOHNSON - Staff Writer
    REBECCA REEVES - Staff Writer

    In the five years since Sept. 11, both opponents and supporters of the War on Terror have produced countless conspiracy theories, and "Loose Change" picks up where neo-liberal Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" left off.

    The UB Progressive Alliance sponsored a showing of the documentary on Friday afternoon at Knox Hall, and students gathered to screen the movie and then discuss points with film director Dylan Avery, producer Korey Rowe and Jason Bermas, the project's graphic director and webmaster.

    Similar to Moore's controversial documentary, "Loose Change" challenges that important facts were ignored or not even presented to the public. Going one step further than Moore's film, though, "Loose Change" contends that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were actually coordinated and carried out by members of the U.S. government.

    The film alleges that the government would be smart in the decision to execute such a plan, saying that they would have a lot to gain from it. Not only did the government have a motive, but they also had the equipment to carry it out and the opportunity to do so.

    "I see the truth coming out in a couple of years," said Jason Bermas, a "Loose Change" production assistant. "The issue won't invoke emotion from the people until they see the information. Then barriers will breakdown."

    The film cites the case of Flight 77, among other incidents on that day, to support the theory that the US government was behind 9/11. The plane crash left a 16-foot hole in the Pentagon, and based on the size of the plane, much more damage should have resulted. Instead, the movie claims that a cruise missile, and not the plane crash that was reported in the media, caused the damage to the Pentagon.

    The movie elaborates even further, saying that there is no actual footage of a plane crashing into the Pentagon. All that was shown of the incident was an explosion, and never any contact made between the plane and the building. Furthermore, no bodies were ever found at the scene.

    The documentary advocates more than distrust and loathing of the government. The film also conveys that the public needs to be more active and aware of what they are fed by the media, saying that the government does not provide accurate information and misleads their audience.

    And while many of the movie's points seem far-fetched and on the verge of a conspiracy theory, the audience was receptive and accepted these ideas as plausible explanations.

    "I was impressed with the documentary," said Carlos Lizarraga, a junior nursing major. "The best part was the discussion. You got to see that it was real and not B.S."

    Kristina Lucenko, a graduate English student, agreed and said the documentary made a number of valid points.

    "I do not trust the Bush administration, and it's commonplace at this point that the federal government has not released to the public information about the attacks," Lucenko said.

    She also said she believes the movie's suggestions because society places such a high value on being patriotic; speaking out against the US government's decisions are all too often frowned upon, and with that mindset permeating the media, "Loose Change" offered a fresh perspective.

    "We are so afraid to express sentiments and ideas that are being constructed as 'un-American,'" Lucenko said. "We're living in a very conservative time, and I believe that we are being misled by our government."
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