Senate passes call to pull Hawaii troops

The state Senate has passed a resolution asking Gov. Linda Lingle to remove Hawaii's Army and Air National Guard troops from Iraq.

The nonbinding resolution passed with all 20 Democrats voting yes and three of the five Republicans voting no. GOP Sens. Fred Hemmings and Bob Hogue were out of town and did not vote.

The resolution, SCR 193, notes that 3,000 soldiers have been deployed from the Hawaii National Guard.

The resolution condemns the use of "false information" regarding Iraq's involvement in the terrorist attacks in New York and the Pentagon in 2001 as a reason to invade Iraq.

"The majority of Americans are troubled by the direction the war in Iraq has taken since its inception and support the withdrawal of United States troops. ... Despite public sentiment against having troops remain in Iraq, there has been no exit strategy proposed by the Bush administration," according to the resolution.

It says that without a "credible threat" to the country or Hawaii, the National Guard troops should return to Hawaii.

There was no debate on the measure, which now goes to the state House.