*Everyone* here, please go to the Wikipedia article entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Trade_Center_bombing and copy-and-paste the text from the below URL and post it as the Wikipedia article entry on the World Trade Center bombing:


Directions: go to the "edit this page" link at the top of the page of the Wikipedia article entry, clear the text that appears in the form, then paste in the text from the above URL, and post it.

Why am I asking *everyone* here to do that? For the below reason that I gave at the Talk page (i.e., the "discussion" link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wo...Center_bombing ) for this article entry:


Why is Documentation on the FBI's Involvement in the Bombing Being Deleted?

Obviously there are individuals who greatly dislike people having access to this documentation, i.e., the audio recording and transcript of a conversation between FBI Special Agent John Anticev and FBI undercover agent Emad A. Salem, wherein Emad A. Salem admits to building the bomb which exploded in the World Trade Center with the supervision of the FBI and the District Attorney of the City of New York (MP3: [1][2], transcript: [3]). In the recording, FBI Special Agent John Anticev does not disagree with Emad A. Salem's account of the bombing.

Also being deleted is an external link to the *full text* of the two New York Times articles on the Emad A. Salem recordings: "Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast," Ralph Blumenthal, New York Times, October 28, 1993, Section A, Page 1, Column 4 [4]; and "Tapes in Bombing Plot Show Informer and F.B.I. at Odds," Ralph Blumenthal, New York Times, October 27, 1993, Section A, Page 1, Column 4.[5]

Certainly the above-said documentation is quite relevant--if not *the most* relevant--to any telling of the 1993 WTC bombing which stakes any claim to giving an accurate account of how the 1993 WTC bombing occured. Of course, it's precisely because said documentation is so devastating to the U.S. government's image that certain individuals are repeatedly deleting it from the Wikipedia article on the WTC bombing.

Needless to say, such deletions are about as far removed from honest scholarly behavior as one can get. Instead, it's called bowdlerization and censorship: such actions of bowdlerization being used to expunge from the article facts which certain individuals find greatly upsetting and who thus take said actions to try to keep others from seeing this information. 05:36, 5 April 2006 (UTC)


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2. http://nwo.media.xs2.net/tape/emad%20salem.mp3
3. http://pdr.autono.net/WhoBombedWTC.html
4. http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3b3c830e34de.htm
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The above documentation has been *repeatedly* deleted by a few individuals without giving any reason (or, rather, I should say only one supposed reason was ever given by only one person: one individual in his post comment said of Wikipedia that "this is not a repository for quotes" at a time when I was posting a short eleven-paragraph transcript of the Anticev and Salem conversation; shortly after that I started posting an article version which still contained links to all the documentation but without any quotes in the article, but the information was still deleted; also note that Wikipedia allows quotes when it is effective in elucidating a particular subject, as in this case; see: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?...action=history ), and I have been now been blocked from posting anymore on Wikipedia for trying to maintain the above documentation on the Wikipedia entry on the World Trade Center bombing.

*Everyone* here, if truth is important to you, then please help to keep this documentation in the Wikipedia entry on the World Trade Center bombing.

I thank you for your time on this matter in advance.