Iran says will test more weapons in wargames

Mon Apr 3, 2006 10:25 AM BST

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran said on Monday it would test fire a powerful torpedo and more missiles as part of a week of wargames in the Gulf, the spokesman for the naval manoeuvres told state television.

"A powerful torpedo made by experts of the Revolutionary Guards will be test fired today in the Persian Gulf. Tomorrow, we will see other missile test firings by the Revolutionary Guards in the 'Great Prophet' war games," Rear Admiral Dehqani told television, which only gave his family name.

"We are going to have very important news that will make our nation proud in the next few days," he added. The week of wargames started on Friday.

Western nations have been watching developments in Iran's missile capabilities with concern amid a standoff over the Iranian nuclear programme, which the West says is aimed at building atomic bombs. Iran says the programme is only civilian.

Iran earlier in the wargames said it had tested a radar-evading missile and a fast, underwater missile. Iran has a commanding position over the Strait of Hormuz at the entrance to the Gulf, a major shipping route for oil.

Analysts say the United States could take military action against Iran if it fails to resolve the nuclear dispute through diplomatic means. Iranian commanders say their armed forces are ready to respond to any attack.