Class Is Now In Session

Welcome to all serious newcomers who have questioned the events of 9/11, and never knew where to look for answers.

These classes are dedicated to all of you.

The lesson topics are:
  • American History And How It Relates To 9/11
  • Foreknowledge Of The Event
  • The 9/11 Commission
  • The Environmental Disaster
  • Everything That's Happened Since 9/11
  • The Scientific Theories Class
The first class will be taught by me, and it will take place on Friday, 3/31/2006 at 8pm EST.

The topic for the first class will be "American History And How It Relates To 9/11".

The format will be simple. I will make a few prepared remarks, and then you can ask whatever questions you like pertaining to the subject.

One simple rule. If you're not a serious student, you will be banned.

I look forward to seeing all of you here.