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Thread: Reasons for Denial

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    ZachM Guest

    Reasons for Denial

    My attempts to persuade others about the WTC explosives theory have lead me to a few conclusions about why denial is such a strong reaction:

    1) It is frightening to contemplate that the perpetrators may have been domestic rather than foreign.

    2) It is difficult to image how someone could have placed the explosives and gotten away with it. In other words they dismiss the "what", because the "how" has not been explained.

    3) Many have been exposed to absurd theories about 9/11 and rightly dismissed them, but now have a bias against anything that contradicts the official story. (less common)

    I hope these points are useful. It appears that we are going to have to be persistent while we work to get the truth out.

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    alexands Guest
    1. I can easily beleive that our government would do this. I have zero trust in them. Especially the adminstration we have now.

    2. This is the same reason I'm not religious. I need to have some understanding of the "how" before I blindly believe anything. For me to fully embrace something I would have to understand some of the logistics involved. Most intelligent people think this way. It doesn't make me DOUBT it didn't happen, it makes me ask for more information to prove it happened.

    3. I think the official version has some holes in it. The only conspiracy stuff I've read or seen has been LooseChange911. In my opinion the LooseChange video made some good points, but for the most part didn't bring any conclusive evidence to bear.

    Here's what I think - if you believe it was an inside job, then you can find material to support your theory. Some of the evidence will be stretching, some will be sheer coincidence, but you can do it. That is exactly what is going on here. Grainy photos, overnight explosives experts, memos from the 60's, contradicting metals experts, etc..

    If you are going to change the minds, then you have got to show a smoking gun. I mean a guy standing in fron of the WTC with a detenator in his hand. Or find one of the "passengers" today that supposedly died to come forward.

    Not trying to be overly harsh here, but if your mission is to get the truth out you should have more proof. That will make your job tons easier.

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    911TRUTH Guest
    and I would tell you - the proof is in the way the buildings fell - especially WTC7, the complete factual inaccuracies of the official story, the obviously fake osama tapes, the overwhelming proof that many knew about 911 before it went down, the 67 previous hijackings that were immediately responded to, the confiscated pentagon videos, the insider trading...and the list goes on and on.. From where I'm standing, there are multiple smoking guns.

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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    4. Why would the govnt do such a thing???????????????????

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    Simply_sexy Guest
    Who the heck are all the new people??

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