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Thread: All Of Showbiz Tonight's Coverage Of 9/11 - Video Inside

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    All Of Showbiz Tonight's Coverage Of 9/11 - Video Inside

    9/11 Truth On CNN Headline News With Mike Berger From

    Webster Tarpley was also on the show. It covered Charlie Sheen's latest comments, and gave an incredibly fair showing...

    Congratulations to Michael Berger, and Webster Tarpley!!!

    Video (Crappy Version)
    Click Here

    Video (Good Version - wmv)
    Click Here
    Thanks to Loud Studios

    Video (Good Version - realplayer)
    Click Here

    The good version will be here soon....

    Alex Jones On CNN
    Thanks to

    Click Here

    CNN Headline News' Showbiz Tonight.


    Showbiz Tonight Dedicates An Entire Show To 9/11 Truth
    Thanks to

    Part One
    Click Here

    CNN Poll
    Click Here

    Streaming Flash Version
    Click Here

    Jacobson Segment
    Click Here

    Click Here

    New CNN Headline News Showbiz Tonight 9/11 Coverage
    Thanks to

    Click Here
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    BoneZ Guest

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    Chris Guest is going crazy over the flood of posters demanding they cover the Sheen/9-11 story. they just got done banning me yesterday for bringing it up 1 too many times, and they have deleted the comments of more than a few posters who keep asking why they havent covered the story yet. FUCK C&L.

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    Chris Guest
    from a post today:

    oh who gives a f-k 911 was an inside job and our government is run by sick mf
    Satan | 03.31.06 - 11:10 pm | #

    HAHAHAHAHA, that made my day. i guess they havent banned us all yet.

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