Spitzer On the Spot


March 23, 2006
by Les Jamieson

9/11 Truth activists have been showing up in Eliot Spitzer's path lately. On Sunday, March 11th, three activists attended a swanky public reception for Eliot Spitzer and supporters of his candidacy for governor. Sander Hicks, author of The Big Wedding and candidate for NY Governor on the Green ticket, stood up and popped the question "Mr. Spitzer, why have you not opened an independent investigation into the events of September 11, 2001?" Many clueless Dems in the crowd got very agitated, but Sander persisted. Spitzer got off the hook by saying Sander should respect the crowd's wishes and told him to call his office. He did and as of today calls were never returned.

What's the real issue here? In November of 2004, an independent inquiry into the events of 9/11 entitled "Citizens' Complaint & Petition" was submitted to Eliot Spitzer's office. This document contained great detail about the glaring questions still unanswered and listed damages suffered by so many people. There were 100 signatures from prominent Americans such as Howard Zinn, Daniel Ellsberg, Ralph Nader, John Gray, Ray McGovern, Medea Benjamin, and Ed Asner. The Complaint also had 48 victims' families as signatories. Spitzer's top prosecutor, William Casey, personally received the document. However, this has been met with a deafening silence. No action was ever taken.

How could it be that Spitzer, who has won accolades for his successful legal actions against Wall St. financial institutions engaging in fraud, has acted to suppress information that would reveal what happened on 9/11 rather than bringing the full power of his office to investigate and expose every detail leading to the truth of what happened that horrific day? By what authority does he stand in the way of justice for 9/11? Why has he been silent about the removal of the steel debris, a crime committed when clean up crews were ordered to dispose of the evidence that should have been forensically tested for every possible cause that could have led to the collapse of the buildings. Why hasn't he investigated Larry Silverstein for the purpose of uncovering what had to amount to insurance fraud?

To call attention to these issues, 35 activists gathered in front of Spitzer's office with banners and signs for a public speakout to bring attention to his negligence and obstruction of justice. Thousands of passers-by saw us and over a thousand received literature, many of whom gave the thumbs up and thanked us for being there.

We made such a scene that a representative from his office who was watching our action must have arranged to have us come into the building to hear our concerns. Then Casey himself appeared. We resubmitted the Complaint to Mr. Casey. However, this time we demanded that it be reviewed and given a docket number so that further action could be taken. Mr. Casey was non-committal and would only receive it from us. We also delivered an indictment drafted by attorney Carl Person, Green Party candidate for NY Attorney General. Casey couldn't wait to leave our presence.

Later in the afternoon we moved a few blocks down to Wall St. where we were joined by Attorney Phil Berg, author of a RICO lawsuit on behalf of 9/11 survivor Willie Rodriguez. We passed out a special flyer with details on the suspicious put options which indicated foreknowledge of the attacks from high placed sources and the fact that the trail was inadequately investigated.

Will New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer heed New Yorkers' call for truth of the events of 9/11? Will any politician answer the call to truth and justice for the crimes of 9/11? Only if we continue to do our part, and that we must.

To view photos from the day, click here.

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Spitzer Protest a Success
by Sander Hicks

About 30 dedicated people yesterday braved the cold and protested outside Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's office in downtown New York. WOR Radio covered it, and there was a photographer from one of the syndicates.

We were protesting his interference in the Able Danger hearings on Capitol Hill, and Spitzer's dereliction of duty in not investigating 9/11 overall.

The highlight for us, yesterday, was walking into 120 Broadway, and meeting with three of Spitzer's top investigators. They accepted a copy of my book, The Big Wedding, David Ray Griffin's New Pearl Harbor, and a formal Citizen's Complaint for failure to investigate 9/11, and a "Citizens' Indictment" which our attorney, Carl Person, had drafted. We asked them to give these materials a docket number, and not lose them, like last time.

We acted with professionalism and respect; now let's see if that is reciprocated.

That night, actor Charlie Sheen's recent comments were featured in a break-through interview on CNN Headline News! Pretty stunning. The tide is turning.