FBI weaving web in Pak to launch attack on Iran


Sunday March 19, 2006 (0431 PST)

ISLAMABAD: In order to accomplish its evil designs against Iran, the United States of America has established a Federal Bureau of Intelligence office in Pakistan.

FBI is working in Islamabad for last one and half year. The FBI agents are working as Finger Print Staff at Inspector General of Police Islamabad Office under the guise of Immigration Wing, Weekly Pulse reports.

Interior Ministry has given proper permission to FBI agents and it has been disclosed in some circles that a Finger Print department has been set up under the supervision of National Police Bureau at IG Office.

If one looks at emerging political scenarios US who wants to attack Iran under the guise of Tehran’s uranium enrichment program, these FBI agents will be used against Iran and for the time being they have been given the task to keep an eye on all such organizations and people who are working for Iranian interests in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Sources have also confided to the said scribe that US authorities also think that people who want to travel to US on forged identity might be terrorists therefore FBI Immigration Wing thoroughly investigate all such people who want to travel to US whether legally or illegally.

The US intelligence agencies have also launched a Satellite system to transfer all gathered information from Pakistan to US in wink of an eye. Whereas these agents have also been assigned another task and that is to keep a vigil on the activities of Chinese embassy.

US, which used the incident of 9/11 for its advantage as it not only romped the Islamic states of Afghanistan and Iraq and killed hundreds and thousands of innocent people under the hollow and so called slogan of war against terrorism and to restore its imposed democracy in both states.

The establishment of FBI network by US at Pakistani soil for accomplishing its nefarious designs against China and Iran also helped Washington to label Pakistan as a "den of terrorists".

When Inspector General of Police Iftikhar Ahmed Chaudhry was contacted and asked about the FBI agents and their proper office, he said there are no FBI agents at his office and only a finger print wing has been established there, which is working under National Police Bureau.

We have no idea and knowledge about FBI activities, he concluded.

When Pulse Contacted Mr Shoaib Suddhal, Chairman National Police Bureau to get his view on the FBI office in IG Office, he said in 2003 Pakistan signed an agreement with US to set up a state of the art finger prints department in the country. Initially US provided Rs 10 million and latest equipment and we have received all these things. The wing is working efficiently and has helped a lot in investigations, he added.

Mr Suddhal said that the department will be made digital from next year.

He also said that digital finger prints departments will be established throughout the country initially these centers will be set up at provincial headquarters and later these will be established at district headquarter level.

He also said that entire network will be made Online and the entire finger print record will be available Online at federal level. The entire system will be established with an estimated cost of 1.5 billion rupees. The new system, he said has improved the surveillance and investigation from suspects.