New Yorkers To Challenge NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

DATE: Wed., March 22nd, 2006
TIME: 12 pm – 2 pm
LOCATION: 120 Broadway (south of Fulton St., also home of Silverstein Properties!)

2 pm demonstration at Ground Zero
4 pm demonstration at Wall St. & Broadway to engage the financial district

In August of 2004, according to a Zogby Poll, 66% of the people of New York State wanted a real investigation into 9/11. You would think the NY State Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer, would recognize the call to action. However, he has been silent. Despite his inaction, it only stands to reason that now an even great number of New Yorkers recognize that the lies of Iraq, torture, wiretapping, Katrina, to name a few, underscore the fact that there is overwhelming evidence that we have been deceived about 9/11. In November of 2004, an independent inquiry into the events of 9/11 titled “Citizens’ Complaint & Petition” was submitted to Eliot Spitzer’s office. His deputy, William Casey personally received it. In public events Mr. Spitzer was asked for a response to this Complaint, which he acknowledged knowing about. To this day there has been no response.

Now earlier this month, in special Congressional hearings on Able Danger we see more cause for suspicion. Able Danger was a Pentagon terrorist tracking operation. News broke last summer with whistleblowers reporting they knew about Mohamed Atta in early 2000, but experienced suppression of their testimony by the 9/11 Commission. Here is another scenario where Eliot Spitzer’s behavior raises more red flags which should outrage all Americans. He barred his top aide, Deputy Attorney General Dietrich Snell, from testifying at these hearings which occurred after 248 Congressmen petitioned the Pentagon.

In the 2004 book by five-time Emmy award-winning journalist Peter Lance called "Cover Up: What the Government is Still Hiding About the War on Terror", he makes a damning statement about Dietrich Snell. "Under objective circumstances, Snell would have made an important witness before the Commission. But in the heavily-conflicted world of the Commission staff, he was hired to be one of its senior attorneys and team leaders." According to Peter Lance, Dietrich Snell "was one of the fixers, hired early on to sanitize the Commission's final report."

To further illustrate the nature of this suspicious act by the top NY law enforcement officer, according to February 15th's New York Post, "Attorney General Eliot Spitzer personally intervened with a congressional panel to get a top aide out of testifying at an explosive hearing on pre-9/11 intelligence failures... the House Armed Services Committee had requested testimony of Deputy Attorney General Dietrich Snell -- a former top investigator with the 9/11 commission -- at a hearing today on 'Able Danger.'"

How could it be that Spitzer, who has won accolades for his successful legal actions against Wall St. financial institutions engaging in fraud, has acted to suppress information that would reveal what happened on 9/11 rather than bringing the full power of his office to investigate and expose every detail leading to the truth of what happened that horrific day?

We feel strongly he's guilty of Obstruction of Justice. We feel he is complicit to treason for actual government complicity for the crimes of 9/11 for which there is overwhelming evidence. We feel he is also complicit to fraud for not cooperating with the Able Danger investigation as well as not exposing the wholesale cover-up known as the 9/11 Commission Report. By his inaction, Spitzer showed whose side he is on.

Eliot Spitzer does not represent the people of New York or anyone other than the oligarchy. The evidence is, he represents the entrenched military/industrial/ congressional machine that is reaping billions of dollars in war profits and homeland security contracts. The terror economy is winning, while Americans pay the bill with treasure and lives, while functional democracy has become a myth.

The truth won’t wait forever. It's time to send a signal, Americans want truth and accountability for the crimes of 9/11. It's time to get into the streets to show our "leadership" we won't settle for the "big lie" they want us to believe. We owe it to the victims. We owe it to ourselves. See you there!