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Thread: Iran: 200 Submit Holocaust Cartoons

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    Iran: 200 Submit Holocaust Cartoons

    200 submit Holocaust cartoons

    March 14, 2006

    TEHRAN, Iran -- An Iranian newspaper's contest for Holocaust-related cartoons has drawn entries from 200 people, with some drawings mocking the World War II slaughter: One entry shows Jews going into a gas pipeline.

    Most contest entrants are Iranian, but six are Americans and a few cartoons have been submitted from as far away as Indonesia and Brazil, according to the Hamshahri newspaper. A few of the drawings have been posted online.

    Hamshahri began the contest last month as a test of the West's readiness to print cartoons about the Nazi killing of 6 million Jews in World War II. The contest comes in response to caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad printed in Europe.

    One submission reflects the opinion of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The cartoon shows a circle of nine Jewish men entering and leaving a gas chamber that shows a counter reading ''5,999,999,'' implying that Jews have inflated the number of Holocaust victims.
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    i remember one of my cousin's Sonnenkinder friends telling some JAP "You want to be six-million and one???"

    Everybody HATES the Jews...despite all the born-again protestations to the contrary. All they want is for Israel to survive long enough for Armageddon.

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    Everybody HATES the Jews
    Oh yeah, that's most hyperbole free claim I've ever seen!

    The 'official' number of Jews exterminated by the fascists is about 5.1 million (at least that is the scholarly opinion of Raul Hillberg, the 'Dean of Holocaust Studies' - and I believe the first scholar to publish an English language book on the subject, called The Destruction of the European Jews. I see no reason to disagree with him).

    However, it is true that the 'Holocaust Industry' has inflated the number of survivors (or rather changed the stipulation of what it means to be a survivor) - Hilberg says that only about 100,000 Jews survived the camps. I would recommend reading Norm Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry, or watchin the Channel 4 documentary 'The Final Insult' (available in the YBBS video collection) to see how 'anti-semitism' and the Holocaust are used as an ideologocial weapon against critics of Israel, and how the Holocaust Industry is a money making racket from which actual survivors see very little of the restitution money that is supposed to be going them. It's disgusting.

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