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Thread: The double life of Hijacker: Ziad Jarrah

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    The double life of Hijacker: Ziad Jarrah

    Boston Globe article:

    Does anyone else believe - or is starting to believe - that the allged hijackers we're really Israeli Mossad agents with stolen idenities? There is a double life story for almost every one.

    Some exerpts:
    "But for that to be true, the young engineer would have had to live a double life worthy of a first-rate spy - concealing from his family, girlfriend, and friends that he was a Muslim extremist, not the religiously moderate, pro-American, fun-loving person they knew him to be."

    ''It makes no sense,'' his uncle, Jamal Jarrah, said in a telephone interview from the village of Al-Marj, Lebanon, recalling that two days before the hijacking, his nephew called and told the family he'd be coming home for a cousin's wedding in mid-September. ''He said he had even bought a new suit for the occasion.''

    "Growing up in the Bekaa Valley - a rich swath of green fields between two mountain ranges - Ziad Jarrah wanted for little. The area produces much of Lebanon's fruit and vegetables and is also home to many of its well-to-do.

    He loved sports, particularly swimming and basketball. He adored - and was doted on by - his two sisters, Dania, now 29, and Nisren, 24.

    And his upbringing was anything but radical. While the Jarrahs are Muslim, they are not particularly devout. In fact, believing education more important than religion, they sent their son to a series of exclusive, Christian schools.

    As Ziad matured, he appeared neither political nor religious. He drank alcohol and had girlfriends. ''No one in the family has this kind of radical belief,'' said Jamal Jarrah.

    But by adulthood, Ziad Jarrah did have a dream: to be an airplane engineer. And so, when he graduated from high school in Beirut in 1995, the family agreed to let him follow in the footsteps of other family members who studied abroad. Jarrah chose Germany.

    Although a Brooklyn apartment lease from 1995-1996 bears Ziad Jarrah's name - and landlords there have identified his photograph - his family insists he was in Beirut at the time."

    "Classmate Michael Gotzmann, 25, who was in a study group with Jarrah, also has a hard time reconciling the Jarrah he knew - or thought he knew - with reports that he was one of the hijackers. ''He never said anything bad about America,'' he told Der Spiegel magazine. ''To the contrary, he loved America, and said he always planned to go and study there.''"

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    princesskittypoo Guest
    i wonder how deep you can dig into another human beings life to find the answers to what you are looking for. my meaning is how well can you know a person just with the little time you spend with them in each day. if it's not 24/7 that is...

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