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Thread: Video Inside: Video That Shows Bush Was Warned Of Levee Failure Before Katrina

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    Video Inside: Video That Shows Bush Was Warned Of Levee Failure Before Katrina

    Crooks & Liars

    Here's the video of this breaking story. Hat tip David Edwards. FEMA Brown is telling everyone that this is the "BIG ONE!" Bush says in the video that he's "fully prepared." He sure didn't act like he was now did he? Bush is busted for lying about the fact that nobody knew the levee's would possibly have been breached.

    Video-WMP Video-QT

    Federal officials warned President Bush and his homeland security chief of possible devastation just before Hurricane Katrina struck. Six days of video footage from briefings and transcripts were obtained by The Associated Press. The warnings were that the storm could breach levees, risk lives in the New Orleans Superdome and overwhelm rescuers.A-P reports Bush didn't ask any questions during the final government-wide briefing the day before Katrina struck on August on"

    AmericaBlog has more...

    DarkSyde has more: The video shows both FEMA Director Mike "Heckuva job" Brownie saying he had a gut feeling this would be the "big one" and storm meteorologist Max Mayfield standing in front of a radar image indicating a breach in the levees, specifically from Lake Pontchartrain driven by high winds, was a concern:

    "I don't think any model can tell you with any confidence right now whether the levees will be topped or not but that is obviously a very, very grave concern," Mayfield told the briefing."

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    Bush is the master of three-card monty...remember those WMDs???

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