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    A Rumor...

    A Rumor...

    Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the Department of Defense for withholding a video(s) that allegedly shows United Flight 77 striking the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. The Pentagon claims it cannot release the video because it is "part of an ongoing investigation involving Zacarias Moussaoui," but this is a specious argument.

    Moussaoui already pled guilty in April 2005 for conspiring with al Qaida to fly planes into U.S. buildings. The death penalty phase of his trial is underway with jury selection nearly complete. What's left to investigate? Moreover, while the Freedom of Information Act does allow an exemption for ongoing law enforcement investigations, the Defense Department does not even have law enforcement authority over Moussaoui. That belongs to the Department of Justice or the FBI. One reason we're seeking the information to help put to rest conspiracy theories that a government drone or missile hit the Pentagon rather than the hijacked United airplane. Stay tuned...
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