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Thread: Communicating 911 Truth In Middle America

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    Communicating 911 Truth In Middle America

    This article was originally written for a local print publication in Michigan, hence the intro information that most here will already know. But this article will still show that 911 truth is not just being spread in the big cities. Hopefully it will also give people the confidence to start acting independently no matter where they are.

    Communicating 911 Truth In Middle America
    by Jonathon Vreeland
    February 2006

    What are those activists talking about?
    Everyone has been told what to think about September 11th, 2001. But what escaped widespread notice is that no evidence was presented to support the official story. Very short, edited clips of an airplane hitting the North Tower were played, and still are to this day. The videos of explosions or of collapsing buildings are never repeated. Emotions were intentionally whipped up to prevent discussion. Some mug shots were shown on television and that was it.

    Some evidence has emerged in well known, foreign news sources though. As early as late September 2001 no less than the BBC reported that some of the accused high-jackers had been found alive in the Middle East(1). This story never got repeated in any American media, conservative or liberal, television, print or internet. This information was confirmed by other foreign news services and even more accused suicide bombers were found to be alive. Eventually the FBI admitted in a press release that they had no idea who the high-jackers really were. The press release was never printed in American media and we still hear the same names referred to as "the high-jackers" almost daily. The media blackout of information about September 11th perfectly illustrates the fraudulent nature of liberal/conservative or Republican/Democrat divisions. American media has tightly censored any 9/11 evidence regardless of overt political affiliation.

    If the US Government's explanation of what happened that day is actually examined it can be seen to be intentional lies. David Ray Griffin did the best job of this in his book, "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions" (2) in which he documented over 500 fallacies contained in the official report. But even ignoring the committee that the victim's families forced to be held, there are holes in the official explanation that can be intuitively seen by anyone. Watch the collapse of 7 World Trade Center, which wasn't hit by any airplane, and it's obviously a controlled demolition(3). Notice that the janitorial shed on the roof of WTC 7 collapses first and that the collapsing building displays a "kink" in the middle which is used in demolitions to bring the outer walls inward.

    It is worth noting that having been taken in by the shabby government/media lies is nothing of which to be ashamed. Even eyewitnesses took time to realize what they had seen, in my case about a year. As 2006 progresses there is no need to do more research to see who was behind the attacks of September 11th. The evidence has already been gathered and preserved by volunteer researchers, it just remains to be publicized and acted upon. Which is where those activists come in...

    Truth Event Case Study
    For five months in 2005 the Kraftbrau Brewery in Kalamazoo Michigan hosted various films on the topic of 9/11 Truth. These events were very warmly received and often people would approach me afterwards wanting to get involved. This article is meant to provide some ideas for people motivated to help spread truthful information about the attacks of September 11th, 2001. There is also a focus on showing that working through an established organization is not necessary. Anyone can effectively reach an audience acting on their own.

    As a case study let's look at those film screenings. The 9/11 Truth Film Club of Kalamazoo had well attended events considering the genre. The last evening (Nov. 1st) 25 people were counted in attendance at one time. Some screenings were even attended by local politicians running for city council. Of course events like this do not happen in a vacuum.

    Many 911 deprogrammers only have campus video rooms to work with. While this can work, the atmosphere doesn't help draw a crowd. In my opinion the best setting for a 911 Truth film screening is a locally owned business, even a brewery. Look for a place that already has a nice atmosphere established. The Kraftbrau Brewery had all the movie treats, 25 cent popcorn, a band-worthy sound system and a large screen. These things make a difference, especially for building repeat attendance and good word-of-mouth reviews.

    Other widely available, appropriate venues are religious centers; churches, temples, mosques, etc. If you are already a member of a religion this should certainly be explored. In New York City the 911 Truth group has been able to draw standing-room-only crowds to St. Mark's Church(4). For inspiration on how religion can relate to 911 Truth look at, the Muslim, Jewish, Christian Alliance for Truth.

    To find a decent venue in whatever area you are in, start attending free local screenings on any topic. Also start meeting/talking with local peace groups. In Kalamazoo the weekly, sunday Stand Out For Peace hosted by K.N.O.W.(5) is a great place get advice from activists that have organized events. In most American cities there is an active and open movement that will help you organize events aimed at fostering peaceful change.

    Of equal importance, maybe more, as the location is what's done to get the event noticed. The film screenings at the Kraftbrau were first announced at the weekly Stand Out for Peace. Announcing them over a bullhorn on the steps of the local Federal Courthouse somehow seemed appropriate. Following that a small 4.25" x 5.5" flyer was created, copied and posted at coffee shops around town. The cost of the b&w copies never exceeded five dollars.

    About seven to five days before the screening, small stacks were given to a few activists for posting and handing out. Personally handing someone a flyer is far more likely to get attendance than just posting on a wall. Putting the date, time, location and a couple internet addresses on them makes for handy bookmarks. Including a provocative idea on the the flyer, like "false-flag terrorism", "controlled demolition" or "inside job" is a good idea too. That way, even just reading a flyer will be groundbreaking for some people.

    Flyer-ing isn't as straight forward as might be thought. They first go up by, at least, the friday before the event, which was tuesdays for the Kraftbrau screenings. Leave enough copies for people to take one and add more if they disappear over the weekend. If you really want to put in some effort, try putting them under windshield wipers on some busy afternoon around city hall. Also carry some around at all times to hand out to people you know that might be interested.

    Attend special events and hand out flyers. Call in to local radio shows. Plan far enough ahead and a cool venue will even put your 911 Truth event on their monthly schedule. Also, getting on campus calendars would be worthwhile and can be done by non-students too. Just remember, of the people that say they're coming, about ten to fifteen percent showing up is normal for the average event.

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    Communicating Truth Part 2:

    Screening Night
    It's best to have a video running before the main feature's showtime. It helps the atmosphere get going and gives an opportunity to replay previous features. Never show anything that you haven't previewed. Never charge admission. And always allow for a question and answer period afterwards. That's about it for film screenings — mostly promotions and time spent duplicating DVDs.

    Handing out free DVDs is as important as the screening itself. It gives people information to take home that can be reviewed. For people new to the topic there is a lot of information to absorb. Also, they will share the videos with their families and friends. "Loose Change", "Painful Deceptions" and "Martial Law 911: Rise of the Police State" are all exceptional material because copies of them can legally be handed out for non-profit purposes. At the November Kraftbrau event alone, over 20 DVD copies were handed out (costing less than $20).

    There are other fun ways to get visibility for 911 Truth but these days the focus should be on effectiveness and audience size. Nothing beats videos for effectiveness. If you can get your relatives to sit and watch a DVD there is a far better chance of opening their eyes than after years of conversation. One night an audience responded to a question about the US Government carrying out the September 11th attacks with 50% saying yes. And for someone new to the topic, it usually takes some time to figure things out that far.

    Follow Up Publicity
    Lastly, getting any press coverage for your event gives your message additional visibility. This is just as important as the event itself. For regularly occurring events, follow up publicity always helps to bring in new people. Just making people aware of the existence of a 911 Truth movement is at least half the battle.

    The easiest way to get this started is by taking pictures (remember to smile) and writing up a "report back". These can then be posted on the Indymedia network's open newswire or submitted to other websites. Once it is posted, send out notices to everybody possible. It is surprising how widely a well written, even tempered write up can get noticed and distributed. Be prepared for censorship, even in volunteer organizations that profess "free speech", but don't stop trying.

    Other Useful Methods
    The most effective way, by far, to deprogram people is with video presentations. Presenting videos in a private setting (like your home) is probably the most popular way to make people aware. It was reported immediately last summer that recipients of the free DVD give-aways had great success getting their family members to watch and absorb the information.

    Screening at home is easy and effective but groups of any kind can provide support. Any group that you already belong to can be a good audience. One of the volunteers in New York 911 Truth happens to be a community organizer and an auxilliary NYPD. As long ago as fall '04 she arranged to have precincts on the upper west side showing 911 Truth films to their on-duty officers. There is no group for which these films are inappropriate.

    Peaceful demonstrations are fun occasions to get the word out too. Every demonstration is an opportunity to bring your own message to multiple audiences. The people passing by will see your sign as part of the larger peace movement. Other demonstrators are showing that they are ready to take action simply by being there. These people are more likely to come to a screening. Some will even be interested in helping to distribute information. This is the most fun audience to reach because they are already active.

    These are not meant to be the only ways either, but suggestions of things that work. The simplest way to distribute information is posting 8.5x11" info sheets in your neighborhood. Sitting down and watching peoples reaction to your postings can be educational too. Whatever ways you choose to speak out, it is a learning and confidence building process.

    Why Bother
    In 2004 many 9/11 Truth activists began asking, "Truth to what end?". Partly because once we've realized some level of truth about 9/11 we go back, re-examine all of history, and find out that state sponsored terrorism was even employed in Roman times. Also there's the sometimes overwhelming difficulty of deprogramming generations of social conditioning based on lies. It can get demoralizing.

    But there are good reasons to be encouraged. Life and the political landscape is changing more swiftly now than ever. The old media are losing their ability to fabricate public opinion. So many completely insane things are happening right now that people are becoming open to looking at evidence for themselves, and not just taking the word of authority. That's really all a 911 truth activist needs to do: present evidence. The positive thirst for truth in American culture is obvious to anyone that goes out and engages the public.

    There are different reasons to become a 911 truth activist. One goal is to spur an open, public (non-government) investigation. Another reason is to provide visible public support that will encourage whistle-blowers with even more information to come forward. As the back up to all others there is also the court of public opinion. After all, how large a percentage of the American population can know that our government is bombing our cities to promote war and let it stand?

    David Ray Griffin pointed out that part of the solution to all the problems we face today is finding new ways to communicate. Just by being a channel for honest information, the truth activist is being part of the solution. Barry Zwicker states a good reason at the end of his video too. If the information in his film, "The Great Deception", helps someone spot false-flag terrorism the next time there's a bombing then the time spent will have been worth while.

    To this day, the official fable of September 11th is sickeningly used by US corporate media and the current cabal to distract and hypnotize the public. This over indulgence in abusing 911 has become their number one crutch. Which means it is the perfect topic to use for deprogramming. Even pro-war soldiers have told me that if I really believe the US Government carried out 911 that they could understand my feelings, it's that universal. This is the defining issue of the first years of the new millennium.

    It is also quickly apparent that there is absolutely no risk involved in publicly speaking about September 11th. Angry, close-minded people will not even approach a 911 Truth event. The process of reaching out and educating the real American public is in fact highly rewarding and helps dispel the media myths to which we are all exposed.

    Spreading 911 Truth is perhaps the best thing anyone can do to truly push the system to change. Many people have simply never heard or seen any actual evidence and currently it's getting vastly easier to find. Once someone has figured it out for themselves there's no going back. It's rather like swallowing the red pill offered in The Matrix, it's a one way street. I've certainly never heard of a truth activist suddenly deciding that Arabs with box cutters could implode the World Trade Center. The truth always makes us fearless.

    (1) "Hijack 'suspects' alive and well"
    Sunday, 23 September, 2001

    (2) "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions"
    by David Ray Griffin, ISBN: 1566565847

    (3) 7 World Trade Center collapse, a selection of video available here:
    Notice that the janitorial shed on the roof collapses before the roof does.
    In the view from the north, note the "kink" in the middle of the building, this is a signature of controlled demolition. Watch the video from CBS and listen to Dan Rather say it reminds him of a "controlled demolition".
    "Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?" By Steven E. Jones,
    Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University

    (4) weekly 9/11 Truth Event @ St. Mark's

    (5) weekly Stand Out for Peace info

    recommended DVDs:
    Loose Change (new improved version now available)
    see for ordering info

    The Great Deception, the 911 News Special You Never Saw to order call (416) 651-5588
    This video was even shown on Canadian TV!

    Painful Deceptions
    order only via ($5!)

    Alex Jones' Martial Law 911: Rise of the Police State
    (first two chapters recommended)
    to order call (888) 253-3139

    Noted Theologian David Ray Griffin's speech on C-Span
    Especially good for religious groups, available with donation.

    The New Pearl Harbor,
    by David Ray Griffin, ISBN: 1566565529

    The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions
    also by David Ray Griffin, ISBN: 1566565847

    9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA
    by Webster Tarpley

    America's "War on Terrorism"
    by Michel Chossudovsky, ISBN 0-9737147-1-9

    The 9/11 Terror Timeline,
    by Paul Thompson, ISBN: 0060783389

    News Websites:

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    Thanks for the information. Good piece.
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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