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Thread: Don't Punish The Palestinians: Carter

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    Don't Punish The Palestinians: Carter

    Don't punish the Palestinians: Carter

    Mon Feb 20, 1:23 PM ET

    WASHINGTON (AFP) - Former US president Jimmy Carter cautioned the United States and Israel against punishing the Palestinian people for electing a government led by Hamas.

    "During this time of fluidity in the formation of the new government, it is important that Israel and the United States play positive roles," Carter wrote in a Washington Post opinion piece.

    "Any tacit or formal collusion between the two powers to disrupt the process by punishing the Palestinian people could be counterproductive and have devastating consequences," Carter warned.

    "Unfortunately, these steps are already under way and are well known throughout the Palestinian territories and the world," added Carter, who observed last month's election.

    "Israel moved yesterday to withhold funds (about 50 million dollars per month) that the Palestinians earn from customs and tax revenue. Perhaps a greater aggravation by the Israelis is their decision to hinder movement of elected Hamas Palestinian Legislative Council members through any of more than a hundred Israeli checkpoints around and throughout the Palestinian territories," Carter wrote.

    "This common commitment to eviscerate the government of elected Hamas officials by punishing private citizens may accomplish this narrow purpose, but the likely results will be to alienate the already oppressed and innocent Palestinians, to incite violence, and to increase the domestic influence and international esteem of Hamas. It will certainly not be an inducement to Hamas or other militants to moderate their policies," said Carter.

    "If Israel is willing to include the Palestinians in the process, (Mahmud) Abbas can still play this unique negotiating role as the unchallenged leader of the PLO (not the government that includes Hamas)," Carter added.

    For Carter, "it would not violate any political principles to at least give the Palestinians their own money; let humanitarian assistance continue through UN and private agencies; encourage Russia, Egypt and other nations to exert maximum influence on Hamas to moderate its negative policies; and support President Abbas in his efforts to ease tension, avoid violence and explore steps toward a lasting peace."
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    hmmmm.....when I first head this story, I thought that the Palestinians had been receiving aid from Israel, and it made sense to deny them that now that Hamas is in charge - if Hamas doesn't acknowledge Israel's right to exist, then why should they get money from a country that doesn't exist.

    But...if they money belongs to the Palestinians due to taxes, etc, then I think its wrong for them to withhold it. Basically, its stealing.

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