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Thread: The Rumor Is That Iran Will Carry Out A Nuclear Experiment In March

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    The Rumor Is That Iran Will Carry Out A Nuclear Experiment In March

    The rumor is that Iran will carry out a nuclear experiment in March...

    Published: 1/29/2006

    Teheran is getting ready to counter a “preemptive strike” by USA and Israel. The Air Force Command of the Revolutionary Guard has ordered its Shahap-3 Missile Units to keep their mobile missile ramps in motion in preparation for such an attack. Responding to this order, in darkness of the night the primary missile ramps have been moved to Kirmanshah and Hamedan, and the reserve ramps to Isfahan and Fars regions.

    The above actions are the basis for the efforts of the USA to attract Russia and China, as well as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to its side, and for commenting that a military intervention is always on the table. These actions are also the basis for Israel’s overt preparation for a possible offensive action and for making authoritative announcements that it “will not permit Iran” to proceed with its nuclear plans. Suddenly, all these activities have created a renewed global atmosphere of war. They are spreading anxiety and paranoia.

    Israel is the only nuclear power in the Middle East. It has never accepted any international agreement on nuclear weapons, and has never allowed inspections of its nuclear facilities. Yet, it is aggressively beating the war drums as if Iran is the country involved in nuclear development in the area. What kind of innocence is this?

    Attacks to selected centers in Iran are foreseen to take place sometime in March-June.

    Even the Pope called upon Russia and China, requesting that they reconsider the subject of Iran. Iran can do what the Arab countries cannot: withdrawing its funds deposited at Western banks and moving them to Asian banks.

    Somehow, big steps are seemingly being taken toward a war. According to them, just two months remain. Within the next two months, confusing allegations will resonate as to how much of a threat Iran has become.

    So, why was the month of March chosen? What is behind the prediction that Iran will carry out a nuclear experiment in March? In other words, why are the USA and Israel drawing global attention to the month of March? Why are Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia being pushed into a race of weapons build-up by bringing up the possibility that they may also acquire nuclear weapons?

    Because, there is another event expected to occur in March, which could have an impact on the economy of the USA equivalent to a nuclear attack: in March, Teheran will implement its 2004 decision that it will start using the Euro instead of the Dollar in its petroleum trade, establishing a petroleum market, and breaking the “petrodollar” monopoly. Iran will open its petroleum market in March. Euro will replace Dollar in the petroleum trade. This will constitute a major attack on a vital component of the American Empire. Once the decision is implemented, a real debate will start on this doomsday scenario for the American economy.

    Thereafter, the monopoly of USA/United Kingdom in international petroleum trade will collapse. The petroleum markets in New York and London will receive a heavy blow. The International Petroleum Market in London and the New York Mercantile Exchange controlled by the Americans are in a state of panic.

    The Iranian position is being supported by the Chinese. The Japanese are also inclined to switch to Euro; this way, they could lower their Dollar reserves.

    What are the implications of the widespread switch to the Euro, and the preference of Russia, European Union, Japan and some of the Arab countries to use the Euro in petroleum trade? What would happen if Russia that has major trade relations with Europe, China and Japan were to start using the Euro in the energy market? What would happen if the petroleum-producing Arab countries would also see the Euro as the alternative to compensate for the loss of Dollar’s value? Indeed, loss of Dollar’s value will force many countries to prefer the Euro.

    This scenario will progressively lead to a profitable business.

    If these issues were to lead to an escape from the Dollar, and dramatically reduce the flow of money to the USA, what will be the shape of the American economy?

    There lies the wisdom of the month of March. This danger hides behind the hullabaloo that Iran will conduct a nuclear experiment in March. An Iranian petroleum market that is indexed on the Euro is more dangerous for the USA than any nuclear weapon.

    The USA, which is working on controlling global petroleum markets under the label of “fighting terrorism” is actually fighting an economic war. However, as it becomes more and more aggressive, it is sinking deeper and deeper...
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    Did they get this rumor from me?

    Snagged from...

    March 20th, 2006. The date when Iran is supposed to change over to the Euro. Weren't there reports that Israel was planning on striking Iran in March?

    "Israel says Tehran will by March have the know-how to make a nuclear bomb and may be able to produce one within three years. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said global pressure to halt Iran's nuclear program should continue."

    "Israel's armed forces have been ordered by Ariel Sharon, the prime minister, to be ready by the end of March for possible strikes on secret uranium enrichment sites in Iran, military sources have revealed."

    "Israeli officials have said that, unless stopped, Iran will achieve the know-how to build a bomb by March next year. Independent estimates have put Iran years away from such a capability."

    "The prime minister was speaking a day after his Military Intelligence chief advised the government that if anything was to be done to stop the Iranians, it would have to happen before next March, or would be too late."

    Seems like whatever's going to happen, is going to happen either before or during March, 2006.

    Of course, as we already know, Iran already has the technology for a bomb. The CIA gave it to them. Probably through AQ Khan. Of course, that's just a theory.

    I thought a "major U.S. Intelligence Review" said Iran was 10 years away from making a nuclear bomb?

    Oh well. At least we know the real reason for wanting to bomb Iran, and it has nothing to do with nukes.
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    If the country's around the world switch to the Euro as the base currency we are in a word.........FUCKED

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    jschurchin Guest
    Our economy will collapse, rapidly. That said, we still have NO right to unilatteraly attack a soverign nation.

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    PhilosophyGenius Guest
    Now this is a very tough situation.

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    jschurchin Guest
    Agreed, scary also!!!

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    I wonder what's going to happen to make the Patriot Act pass by February 3rd.

    They'll probably vote to give it an extension of some kind. The Democrats have to fight against it, and the Republicans have to fight for it because of 2006. They will be forced to compromise on something. Unless of course something happens between now and February 3rd. But why extend it at all? It was illegal from the beginning, and still is illegal.
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