On A&E, there are a pile of 9/11 shows today. Right now I'm watching something called "The Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center". Later on there is something about Flight 93, and something else on tonight. While pushing the official story, a few tidbits of truth squeaked through, specifically:

- Molten metal under the towers was mentioned a couple of times, and it was stated without any opposition, that this was caused by all those combustibles such as furniture and carpets festering in the oxygen starved environment beneath the towers even though that defies physics and logic.

One of the people who made this statement specifically was someone named: Richard Riggs.

- The 47 Steel core columns were mentioned, and their existence was never disputed.

- The fact that the jet fuel either burned or evaporated within minutes of the crashes.

- The fact that the concrete was pulverized.