leads to more evidence for the concrete core of the towers.

Below is the concrete core wall, an end view with the interior box columns arcing upward. That arc of the damaged interior box column is similar to the structural element you referred to as core columns. This photo could easily be the same structure Your images seem to be showing them at a slightly higher elevations and there are more of them, which figures.

Interior box columns were spaced 20 feet from each other and floor beams ran outward to the perimeter box columns from each one. This zoomed version and the above, it's origin, just barely show the interior walls and how they are interupted by the hallways they supported going in opposite directions every other floor, making it the north tower.

In your image below, it appears as though we are looking at a corner of the north tower. The two images are probably within one second in time from each other from a similar angle, yours slightly counter clockwise of mine. I esitmate by the building over the furthest away pole in my image, compared to the same building in your image, that your image was taken just before mine.

Does that sequence seem okay?