First Responders From 9/11 Gather For Day Of Remembrance

June 15, 2008

September 11th rescue workers and first responders came together Saturday for a day of remembrance.

Several non-profit groups organized the first ever World Trade Center Responder Day in Lower Manhattan. The day featured an opportunity for first responders to take the stage and share their stories of 9/11.

Despite the honors they've received for their work that day, they say many Americans are letting it become a distant memory.

"I'm proud of what I did, but unfortunately we've been forgotten," said first responder Marvin Bethea. "We went from being heroes to being treated like zeroes. That's very, very unfortunate."

"It's really sad in the sense that so much more needs to be done," said responder Alex Sanchez. "But we are a government of the people for the people. So this is what gives me the drive to come here today."

"I would venture to say the majority of the people here are tourists," added responder Jim LePenna. "Not even native New Yorkers come out to support the people who, at a moment's notice, responded to New York."

An exhibit was also set up at Trinity Church highlighting the work done by rescue crews.