Israeli missiles slam into Gaza


At least two Israeli missiles hit areas in the Gaza Strip a day after Israel promised to enforce a new buffer zone against militant rockets.

There were no immediate reports of casualties after one missile exploded in Gaza City and a second hit a Fatah party office in the north of the strip.

Palestinians said the missiles were fired by helicopter and that a third had landed harmlessly in a field.

On Monday, a Palestinian rocket exploded near an Israeli kindergarten.

The Qassam rocket caused no injuries but went off as children were attending a Hanukkah party at a kibbutz south of Sderot, and a second rocket also fell harmlessly south of the city of Ashkelon.

Israeli artillery opened fire in response to the attack.

Confirming its missile strikes early on Tuesday, the Israeli military said it had targeted buildings used by the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades group to recruit members and hold meetings.

Israel has come under frequent rocket fire since it left Gaza in September.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon authorised air strikes against Gaza to enforce the no-go zone but recent bad weather limited activity by the Israeli air force.