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Thread: TvNewsLIES 2005 Person of the Year!

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    TvNewsLIES 2005 Person of the Year!

    "We make the selection with a focus on the impact someone has had on the lives of others. There is no doubt that this person has had a most positive influence on the democracy he has championed throughout his political career."

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    I'll agree that out of all politicians, John Conyers seems to do more than most, but for all of his letters, all of his petitions, what has he accomplished? Bush has yet to get a slap on the wrist. He's also limited as to what truths he'll expose. The mainstream media didn't even bother to cover his censure. Surely he could have had a press conference, or an interview on T.V. or something. What about Sibel Edmonds? What about Ray McGovern? What about Dr. David Ray Griffin? What about Cynthia McKinney? She held two hearings on 9/11, and also attended the Katrina Hearings, etc...
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