Open letter to George W. Bush

By Frank Pitz
Dec 21, 2005, 00:28

Dear George, I hope you don't take offense at my using the more familiar appellation here, I just can't bring myself -- and I'm not alone -- to use "Mr. President." You understand, for me (and about 60 percent of the public) President denotes leadership; and, George, a leader you ain't.

Another reason for my using the intimate form of address is that I feel like I have no secrets from you, and we might be like, buds. Lord knows, I could possibly be one of those many thousands of Americans you had the NSA spy on. I'll bet you just went and stole that page from old J. Edgar's playbook, didn't you? Or perhaps Tricky Dick influenced you a bit.

You see, George, those things are illegal. Presidents don't do that sort of unconstitutional bullshit, however, cowards do. George, you have committed so damn many impeachable offenses in your term that it is mind-boggling.

If one just takes into account all the secrecy and outright deception -- that means lies, George -- leading up to the illegal Iraq war, that alone is an impeachable offense. The Valerie Plame affair, more perjury and cover-up and you were right in the thick of it, George. Also, letting your Enron buddies -- and other corporate bloodsuckers -- rape the taxpayers for billions of dollars that really sucked, George.

And now, George, your own personal little COINTELPRO; Jesus Christ buddy, you guys castigated and persecuted Clinton and all he did was get a blowjob. You and your friends have shafted each and every one of us, and didn't even use the KY jelly! That hurts, George.

Gerald Ford once said about an impeachable offense that it was: "whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history." And given that the corporate bloodsuckers now control the House of Representatives I hold out no hope for your impeachment George.

But you have to remember your history, you know a couple of centuries ago another guy named George also fucked over the people like you and your friends are doing now. You know what happened, don't you? If you don't recall that part of your history, you might ask your mommy.

So, as it goes, I -- and many of the American people -- have no faith in those weak kneed folks in Washington known as Democrats. Hell, you whipped them into submission much like a dominatrix does to a milquetoast. Shoot, you even have Joe Leiberman and Hillary defending you like a pair of ambulance chasing lawyers -- it doesn't get much better than that.

But you seem George, sooner or later the folks you keep pissing on are gonna get tired of it, I have faith in the American public. You keep kicking a dog long enough, eventually he's gonna jump up and bite you in the ass. And you been kicking the American public for a long time, George; it's time for you to get bitten in the ass.

That Fitzpatrick boy there with his grand jury is going to reach right up there close to you, George, it might even be enough to bring you down -- though I have my doubts. But your house of cards is falling buddy, Christ you've alienated the whole damn world man! The last man to accomplish that was Hitler for crying out loud, and it took him 8-10 years to achieve. You have done it in five.

I know you and your corporate pimps figure you can keep the game going for awhile, George, but remember that kicked dog, buddy. In spite of the fact that most folks in this country are dumber than a bag of rocks, even a bag of rocks will break open once in a while.

You and your corporate buddies have to give it up, George. Your dreams of empire (much like that George of long ago) are crumbling under the weight of public opinion. As well, global evolution is eventually going to do you guys in. Think about it, George, America is just a bit player on the world stage. Hell Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea hold 40 percent of our national debt -- and what they don't have the Saudis do -- think about what would happen if those folks called in their notes, George.

And, George, that little gambit of sending your "enforcer" over to Iraq this past weekend was a total bust wasn't it? Christ he flew low and fast around the place in helicopter gunships and the level of violence on the ground just exploded. Keep him in his bunker, buddy, it's safer that way.

I'll have to close this for now, George, I hope this letter finds you well in that little xenophobic bubble of yours. Sooner or later though, the damn thing is going to burst and no amount of corporate ass-kissing will save you, buddy.

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