Cornered By The Truth

by Sheila Samples

Elwood Bush: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses!

Jake Blair: Hit it!

Elwood Bush: They're not gonna catch us! We're on a mission from God!

It was bizarre at first; even amusing in a hideous little way. When George "Elwood" Bush and Tony "Jake" Blair scrambled up on the international stage shortly after 9-11 and broke into their frenzied Blues Brothers routine, I fully expected the US Congress, the UK Parliament and citizens on both sides of the Atlantic to snort in derision and get up and walk out of the theater. I mean, c'mon...

"Saddam's comin' after us! He's a grave and gathering danger -- a horror like we've never known before!" Elwood Bush yelled, while gandy-dancing across the stage. "Saddam's the evilest evildoer in the world. He's got smokin' guns 'n mushroom clouds 'n torture chambers 'n rape rooms 'n he hates our freedom! He has stacks and piles of WMD! They're scattered all over the desert -- Colin's got pictures of 'em. They --"

"--They'll be here in 45 minutes if we don't attack!" Jake Blair screeched, his knees hitting his chin. "Stand back! Stand back!" he cried, shaking a sheaf of papers at the audience. "I have a dossier -- and I'm not afraid to use it!"

"Yes! Yes!! Fuck Saddam! We're takin' him out! Remember September the 11th!" Bush roared before leaping high in the air, making a perfect "split" landing then, with one hand on the floor, skittered around in circles, smirking at the cheering mob.

"JESUS H. TAP-DANCING CHRIST!!!" Blair screamed as he rolled his eyes and moon-walked around the twirling Bush -- "I have seen The Light!! Let's do it!"

And so they did it. Spurred by hyper-imagination and carried aloft on the shoulders of a corporate media war machine, they thundered off on their great adventure -- a two-headed, modern-day Orson Welles -- whipping up mass psychological terror by relentlessly shrieking that a new, more horrible "War of the Worlds" is upon us. They did it by trashing legislative bodies, trampling legions of anti-war protesters, and twisting facts to fit a tangle of lies.

They did it because fear foments chaos and disorder. People either streaming into the streets in terror or cowering under their beds in anticipation of impending disaster are easily manipulated into a dysfunctional public mass which accepts death and destruction as the new norm. As Hermann Goering said, it is a simple matter to control the people in any country. "All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger..."

Who knows what the truth is anymore? Each time the truth threatens to emerge, the dancing duo whomps it back into the shadows with a false-flag terror alert and, with the help of a treasonous media, we soon forget what it was that "almost" penetrated our consciousness. No truth has fought more valiantly to break free nor sent Bush and Blair into more strenuous dancing spasms than what actually happened on 9-11. We know the truth, but cannot, or will not, wrap our minds around it lest we be forced to stare aghast at ourselves in the mirror.

But the truth of that disastrous day will out, because anybody with half sense and one eye who has seen video of the WTC buildings imploding knows their miraculous freefall could be nothing short of a controlled demolition. Truth is, controlled demolitions all look alike -- if you've seen one of those suckers, you've seen 'em all. That's the truth. Forget the bouncing Bushball tale that jet fuel turned massive chunks of concrete to powder and brought towering buildings to earth at the speed of light, including one that wasn't even hit by an airplane.

The truth is out there in plain sight, and we must come to grips with it or Bush is correct -- we're not gonna catch them. Bush believes he is on a genocidal mission from God, and Blair makes his political decisions only after channeling "The Light," and cleansing himself by journeying to Mexico's fake Aztec pyramid, stripping down to swim trunks, gazing at "phantom animals" in a stream before slathering melon, papaya and mud over his body and emitting a "primal scream of psychic rebirth."

What could be more terrifying than suddenly realizing these two madmen, driven by arrogance, lust for power and insatiable greed are waging war on anything that moves, including their own citizens, in order to achieve the unachievable goal of seizing control of the world and all its resources? One is a bloodthirsty bully who would rather destroy the world rather than admit he's wrong. The other, an ambitious fop -- in over his head -- has no recourse but to cling to their "special relationship"[*] and hope for the best.

The best they have to distract our attention from the truth and to whip us back into submission -- one of the two options left on the table -- is the false-flag terror weapon, which has evolved from John Ashcroft's startling announcements of terrorists moving freely among us with bombs in their shoes, to Tom Ridge's absurd calls for plastic sheets and duct tape, to Bush and Blair's more deadly attacks wherein many innocents are maimed and killed. To succeed, this option depends on the final one -- the willingness of a dishonorable and treasonous media to roil the bloody disinformation waters until truth is lost in chaos.

Later we will be asked -- will ask ourselves -- how two such raging mad, desperately absurd fools managed to get away with such carnage. The only possible answer is they did it -- because they could. Because we allowed it. They cannot turn back because they know, as do we, that invading Iraq was the mother of all war crimes, and they are the terrorists who will be brought to justice in the International Criminal Court.

The truth has them cornered and, unless they are stopped, they will keep doing their ghoulish dance of death until the mushroom cloud that so fascinates them covers planet Earth like an umbrella. The skulls and bones of the innocent will continue to pile up unless we shake free of the evil spell cast across this land.

We can combat the two-pronged onslaught of Bush and Blair's War on the World by waking up and paying attention to what they are doing, by remembering the lies and deceit of the warmongers that catapaulted us into this bloody mess. We can stop them if we resist as individuals -- a vast, outraged sea of individuals who are mad as hell and flatly refuse to take any more. As Samuel Adams once said, "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush-fires in people's minds."

And that's the truth.