From the Dec. 5th, 2005, transcript. She really went for it! Never heard a damn thing about it.

SCARBOROUGH: Ellen, let me bring you in here.

Obviously, September 11 struck very closely to you, your husband killed on that tragic day. Four years later, you have obviously been following this very closely. What are your thoughts as you hear the 9/11 Commission saying that our government really hasn‘t learned any lessons from that tragic day?

ELLEN MARIANI, HUSBAND KILLED IN SEPTEMBER 11 ATTACKS: Well, first of all, Joe, I‘m pulling a few things out of my Pandora box.

And my feeling, my heart feels that 9/11 is nothing more than obstruction of justice and a continuing—a covering up by Bush. And, furthermore, the 9/11 commissioners were all handpicked, as you all know. I‘m reading this, because I was told just a few hours ago. They were all picked by Mr. Bush to obstruct justice and maintain a cover-up of the facts.


SCARBOROUGH: But, Ellen, they‘re actually attacking—they‘re attacking the president, though, tonight, aren‘t they? They‘re saying that this president and Congress and Washington, D.C., haven‘t done enough to protect our country from the type of tragedy that was visited on your family. You certainly would agree with that, right?

MARIANI: To a certain point.

But let‘s talk about the Able Danger, the scripted 9/11 attack on America, the Oklahoma bombing with direct ties to the Philippines, and Watuba Bank (ph), also known as Project Bojinka. There‘s a lot of things here. Let‘s connect the dots of Oklahoma City, 9/11, and the Able Danger.

Project Bojinka, Oklahoma City—in New York, Oklahoma was rehabilitated—it helped Clinton.

Nice! That's all of mariani's remarks from the transcript. Full transcript at link.

I never watch this retard show, but on Monday night I did sense a disturbance in the Force.

This is exactly the kind of 'connecting the dots' that our corporate masters would not have us do. I'm suprised that there is a transcript!

Glitch in the Matrix!