Committed to struggle against terrorism; Chavez denounces good and bad terrorism


Prensa Latina: At the contract signing to buy Spanish ships and aircraft, which Washington tried to block, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has called on Europe to stand up against "US elite hegemonic and imperialist craving for power."

Spain: Its in Our Interest to Sell to Venezuela
Chavez asked the European nations to side with sovereignty, equality and dignity, and that an honorable stand by Europe would help the world. Giving up will turn the world into infernos like Iraq, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, added Chavez who noted the opposition in Europe and other regions against unilateral control.

On US efforts to prevent the transaction with Spain, Chavez said Venezuela is an ex colony of the US Empire, but it is free today "and will stay free at any price."

The Venezuelan President warned that the future of humankind depends on the results of the conflict between imperialist hegemony and peaceful and egalitarian ideals.

The attacks on the contract prove that some consider themselves to be chosen to impose an Empire and consider Latin America and the Caribbean their backyard.

Chavez also committed to continue the struggle against terrorism and denounced the concepts of good and bad terrorism. He recalled that the US shelters Luis Posada Carriles, who blew-up a Cuban plane in mid flight with 73 people aboard in 1976.

Venezuela expects his extradition following official requests submitted to the US authorities.