Part 1 lays out the connections; intricate, convoluted and compelling. You want leads, here they are.

Part 2 of the radio show is mostly a continuation of Part I, at about 35 minutes in it starts the discussion on the atrocities beyond the political and into the truly awful 'recreational" stuff, the kidnapping, "The Finders" Lawrence King, the Franklin Coverup, Michael Aquino (Mil Intel, Temple of Set, Neutron Bomb.. who knew?) and the other horrific satanic stuff that connects to these people. It doesn't go into the evidence, but mentions "the Octopus", Danny Casolaro, Gary Webb et al. Of Gary Webb she says that she has been informed by gov. investigators what we all know anyway, that he was murdered.

Part 3 is mostly comments from some sharp callers, discussion of France's attempt to indict Cheney and it's high importance. Also mentioned is the very scary stuff going on in California.... The segment ends with... well, ok, now what?

Fun Fact: The "Committee on the Present Danger" has only met a few times in it's history; During the McCarthy Era 1953 (where, imo he did indeed expose "Communist" spies, altho we all know how compromised he was), in 1976 when the Church committee tried to stop the CIA rogue operations and lastly right after 9-11. "Third one's the charm"-- Michael Corbin.

General impression: Indira Singh seems a sterling investigator and weaves a hell of a constellation of connections, breaking the very idea that we can expect any "help" from the "left" or any other such power by utilizing the exposure of the Hegelian dialectic.

Indira, like myself, thinks we have one last chance to fight this multigenerational transnational cabal and it is up to mainly the American people simply because we are now the tip of the arrow. Some 200 million civilians could stop it, overnight. She too is for a general strike. "... this needs to be stopped at all cost."

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