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Thread: Student Might Be Expelled For Calling Homosexuality "Subhuman"

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    Student Might Be Expelled For Calling Homosexuality "Subhuman"

    Duquesne U. student punished for remarks about gays

    Thursday, October 27, 2005

    A Duquesne University sophomore said he will risk being expelled for expressing his view that homosexuality is "subhuman" rather than write a 10-page essay the university has called for.

    Ryan Miner, 19, of Hagerstown, Md., was sanctioned by the university for posting his view on an online forum not related to the university.

    He opposed an effort by other students to form a Gay-Straight Alliance group, an issue still being debated by the Catholic university.

    "I believe as a student that my First Amendment rights in the Constitution were subverted and attacked," said Miner, who is Catholic.

    After his comments appeared online, some students complained to the school. After a hearing, the office of judicial affairs found Miner guilty of violating the University Code which prohibits harassment or discrimination based on, among other groups, sexual orientation. The paper was assigned as punishment, which Miner said he will appeal.
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    jetsetlemming Guest
    I can see punishing him for saying it in school, but online, away from the school? No way. What kind of catholic school is this?

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    beltman713 Guest
    Schools have been overstepping their bounds lately.

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    jetsetlemming Guest
    I was just talking to a friend of mine who goes to catholic school, and she got in trouble for writing a pro-choice essay. I think they're aiming at just pissing off everybody, apparently.

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    miss_muffet Guest
    basically as a school they say that they won't tolerate a certain type of conduct. wether it be at campus. or off campus. same thing as if he would have been arrested for drinking underage. off campus. on holiday. would he still have been punished. yes.

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    miss_muffet Guest
    and the pro-choice thing. come on. what did she expect at a catholic school. i am pro-choice. but i would never right a paper about it at a catholic school. it is a topic that the church is against. it is out there in bold letters.

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    ThotPolice Guest
    Catholics do see it as wrong; it says it's wrong in that 2000 year old book they are always reading.

    This is as much a matter of free speech as it is homophobia. The school should have absolutely no say in what his opinions are no matter how offensive they are. They are not the thought police, they are educators and they should only hope to influence not dictate a persons view points.

    The right to free speech is meaningless with out the right to offend.

    Ironic that it is now the people that force their believes on the church and not the other way around.

    You can reject the church.

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    miss_muffet Guest
    yes free speech. but tell me. if at school someone says hey you faggot. is that free speech.

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    miss_muffet Guest
    and i know you are going to bring up that he did it off of school time. but like i said. it is the rules of conduct. it says he can't act like that.

    i think it is best said that they don't want that to be the face of their school.

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    ThotPolice Guest
    He did say it off school property and off school time. He didn't say hey faggot he believed homosexuals are sub-human; the pope thinks they are intrinsically disordered. The bible says its wrong.

    I don't believe in god, I don't respect the church, but I live in a country where I am free to do that. He lives in a country where he is free to believe in the word of the bible.

    You don’t have to believe in what he says neither does that school.

    That is the beauty of free speech.

    A school has no right to dictate what is right or wrong to say, it is up to individuals to ignore it debate it or believe it.

    It goes both ways it can't be free speech if you have to fall in line with what the majority believes is right and wrong. That’s 1984 and that sucks.

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