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Thread: Is Able Danger A Hoax?

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    Quote Originally Posted by somebigguy
    Yeah, but there were lots of warning Bushie didn't follow up on either, Bush could have prevented the attacks too, why isn't he being investigated?

    I will tell you what happened that day. Double agent Osama Bin Laden trained a bunch of islamic extremists to hijack and fly planes into buildings that day, all the while leaving an obvious trail of breadcrumbs for investigators to find after the attacks. Osama Bin Laden was also working with CIA agents planning out the attacks, picking targets etc. In fact OBL probably wasn't involved in the decision making, he was told which targets to train his patsies for, the date of the attacks, etc.

    The trail of bread crumbs was so damn obvious that honest CIA agents found the trail and exposed the plan before it was executed. This is the cause of all the forewarnings that were ignored, agents that were shut down, Bush ending all investigations into the Bin Ladens in January of 2001. Remember John O'Neill?? Honest FBI agent who attempted to expose the impending terrorist attack only to be shot down by superiors and eventually removed from duties and put in charge of the WTC with his first day being September 11th???

    Think about it, why would the government plant so many examples of them ignoring the warnings of the attacks??? This is the only explanation that makes any sense. Then, on september 11th, the hijackers were hijacked or, the hijackers at that point did not even exist and the planes were remotely flown into their targets. In either case, the hijackers were just a cover story payouts, the government gets their war, and everyone wins.
    That statement is filled with theories that can't be proved:

    -There's no proof bin Laden is currently a double agent

    -I don't know if you read Crossing the Rubicon but Ruppert talked about how the CIA has infiltrated the FBI and other govnt branches mainly so that they can stonewall any investigation they want (ie they let some drug lords go, some get arrested). Makes no sense that they would purposly "plant example" of them ignoring warnings when it just makes them look bad. The investiagors where stonewalled.

    -Name one piece of evidence bin Laden worked with the CIA in terms of picking targets, dates, ect... Because when it was being planned in 1998, all the neo-cons in the white house were in the private sector at the time.

    This is my theory regarding 9/11 (as posted on other threads):

    -bin Laden and al-Qaeda planned the attacks in 1998. The neo-cons took power in 2000, found out about the plot (probably through the CIA who probalbly learned about it from Saudi intel or the ISI). Saw it as the "new pearl harbor" and "external threat" they needed in order to take the worlds oil. They made sure the plot achived the desired results (controlled demolition, norad standing down, ect...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold9472
    The "Clinton Administration", however, is mentioned A LOT.
    Mistake on my part, he still wasn't blammed though, military lawyers and bueracracy took most of the blame.

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