Griffin raises 9/11 questions

October 25, 2005

This past week, upward of 1,000 people heard David Ray Griffin speak in four cities throughout Vermont on the unanswered questions about the disaster on Sept. 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center. These are questions still being brought forth by the family members of the victims who died in the twin towers.

At each talk, many people asked hard questions concerning the implications that our government knew about this impending disaster prior to 9/11 and did not stop it, and was possibly involved in its cover-up.

Mr. Griffin, a theologian, professor and author, had believed that the hijacked airplanes and crashes were the work of terrorists from other countries until he came across a book with a timeline of all the 9/11 happenings by Paul Thompson. This set him on his own search, and he began looking at all the Web sites speaking of the disaster. He found there were family members of the victims who were not satisfied with the investigation. He listened to their stories that spoke of the extremely lengthy time it took for the government to start an investigation of this disaster that killed over 3,000 people. He heard of gag orders placed on people who wanted and still want to tell their stories.

Just this August, the lawsuit brought by The New York Times and family members to open the testimonies of fire and police personnel to the public was finally won, and we are now hearing the stories of "bombs going off" in and around the buildings before they collapsed.

Mr. Griffin spoke of the many other unanswered questions that the 9/11 Commission Report either did not address or gave answers differing from what officially had been told. "Why did it take 431 days before an investigation was started?" "Why were investigators not allowed at ground zero?" "How could the buildings come down in 16 seconds?" "How could the buildings collapse with 'dead center symmetry'?" "Why was the steel shipped almost immediately to China and India?" "Why was Building 7 'brought down,' when it was not hit by a plane?" and one of the biggest questions, "Why did our defense system, without doubt the best in the world, not intercept those airplanes?"

David Griffin went to Manhattan when he left Vermont where he continues speaking on these questions that have as yet not been answered. To get more information go to any of the Web sites that will come up when you type in "Questions on 9/11." Or read either of his books: "The New Pearl Harbor" or "9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions."