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Thread: Blair: Unruly Families will be Moved into Steel Containers

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    Blair: Unruly Families will be Moved into Steel Containers


    12 October 2005
    It is time we made sure decent, law-abiding people were in charge of their local communities, not hooligans, thugs and drug dealers - THE PRIME MINISTER YESTERDAY
    By Bob Roberts, Deputy Political Editor

    NEIGHBOURS-from-hell could be thrown out of their homes under a new crackdown being planned by the Government.

    Tony Blair said he was considering axing housing benefit for thugs who cause problems to others in their streets and on their estates.

    The move would be the toughest measure yet in the PM's battle to bring "respect" back to Britain and tackle anti-social behaviour.

    But Mr Blair argued more powers are needed to reclaim communities from hooliganism, thuggery and drug dealing. He told a Downing Street press conference that Asbos and fines were already having a significant impact.

    He added: "We have now got to look and see how we take them further.

    "It is time we made sure that decent, law-abiding people were in charge of their local communities, not hooligans, thugs, drug dealers and others."

    Pressed by The Mirror on his plans, Mr Blair said he would increase the use of on-the-spot fines for drug dealers and bring in measures to deal with problem pubs selling alcohol to youngsters.

    Asked if he would take away housing benefit from yob families. Mr Blair dropped a hint ministers were ready to act. He said: "Let's wait and see. We will publish a series of fresh measures in the next few months. There is nothing that is ruled out of that mix at all."

    Ministers have previously suggested they are considering special residential units for problem families. And Labour MPs have also called for anti-social neighbours to be housed in steel containers away from other homes.

    Around 4.5 million private, council and housing association tenants rely on housing benefit. Most receive other benefits too, but many are in low-paid jobs and need extra income to pay rent.

    Mr Blair also promised to tackle organised crime. He hinted that the right to a jury trial may be abolished in some circumstances but acknowledged many will find the proposal "rather difficult".

    He said: "We have people engaged in organised crime who are able to flout the law.

    "You then have these trials going on forever. Half of them get off at the end of it. It is just ridiculous. They think they can do it with impunity."

    On welfare he vowed to continue the drive to get people off benefit and into work. He said: "We have got large numbers of people who are economically inactive, who are on benefit, that could and should work. We have to give them the incentive to do that."

    On schools the PM promised there would be no let-up in reform, and the pace of change would be intensified. He said: "We have a choice. Either soft-pedal these changes and hope to see improvement, but incrementally.

    "Or seize this moment and drive through lasting, radical reform that will cement the renewal of our state education system for this generation.

    "That means giving more freedom to schools, more power to parents, more opportunities for children."


    Stop housing benefit for hellish neighboursProblem families to go to special centresClampdown on pubs selling alcohol to kidsExtra on-the-spot fines for dope dealers

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